The Tiny Project Challenge.


In a world that often feels frightening, depressing, and baffling, completing a tiny project is one way to feel a little more powerful.

You have the power to make something beautiful.

You can beam positivity into the world like a lighthouse.

You can create something small that makes a difference in your day–and that makes a difference in other people’s lives, too.

Tiny projects create a big ripple effect.

Tiny things are a big deal.

. . .


1. Choose a tiny project that you want to do.

A tiny project is a very small project that feels beautiful, meaningful, and exciting to you. Something you can realistically complete in about 25 minutes or less. Not sure what to do? Here are 15 tiny project ideas.

2. Gather your supplies.

Postage stamps. Paper. Paint. Nail polish. Gold glitter. Coconut oil. Chocolate chips. Your smartphone audio recording app. Whatever you need to complete your project.

3. Finish your project.

Do it. Yeeeeeah.

4. Take a photo of your project.

Send your photo to:

If you want to include a teeny-tiny description of your project (think: 2 sentences) go for it.

If you want to share your photo publicly (your blog, newsletter, social media, whatevs) of course, by all means, do it! Seeing your tiny project might inspire someone else to create a tiny project, too. Which is very cool. If you want to mention that the #TinyProjectChallenge was started by Alexandra Franzen ( it would be nice to include that detail, but if you forget, no big deal.

5. Bask in the rewards.

Completing a meaningful tiny project is a reward, all by itself!

However, a few people who email project photos to will also win extra prizes–like autographed books, an Aloha Box filled with cool treats from Hawaii, an online writing class that normally costs hundreds of dollars, and more. Dope!

To be eligible to win a prize, please send your photo by August 10, 2019. Winners will be notified via email–and announced publicly in this newsletter.

. . .


* Write a beautiful “thank you” letter to someone who has touched your life.

* Make a really amazing music playlist on Spotify, or wherever you listen to music. Extra credit: give your playlist a special “theme” or “concept.” Ooh, fancy.

* Draw a picture of your best friend, take a photo of it, and text it to them. (You’re “terrible” at drawing? Perfect. That means the picture will be extra hilarious and wonderful.)

* Record a short audio message for a friend who’s going through a hard time. Let them know that they’re loved, that you’re here to listen, and that they’re not alone.

* Doodle, draw, or paint a very small piece of art. Write an encouraging note on the back. Hide it somewhere so that one day, eventually, a stranger might find it.

* Make a helpful checklist. Any topic you want. “Pack for a trip” checklist. “Steps to launch a business” checklist. “Get ready for college” checklist. “Best things to do in Las Vegas” checklist. “Kitchen upgrade” checklist. Whatevs.

* Write a glowing 5-star review about a book, product, or business that you really love.

* Write a short statement about “my biggest lesson from 2019, so far” and post it online, share it with your family, or both.

* Write a list of what you’d want to do if you had 24 hours to live.

* Ask an elder (parent, grandparent, auntie, etc.) to describe their childhood home. Where was it? What did it look like? Feel like? Record their response on your phone and save the audio.

* Make a poster with an inspiring message that the world needs to hear. Put it somewhere in your city (bulletin board, pinned to a telephone pole, bus stop, etc.)

* Write a “You are totally awesome” note to someone who always makes your day a little better—a bus driver, teacher, barista, assistant, intern, whoever you want.

* Write a letter to an elected representative (mayor of your town, senator, etc.) to say “thanks for the great work” and/or encourage them to make a particular change that you’d like to see.

* Make a very fancy cheese and fruit platter and deliver it to a friend. Extra credit: include a “3 reasons why you’re so cool” note.

* Write a fan letter to someone you really admire–a famous person, or a totally-not-famous person–with no strings attached, and no expectation of getting a reply. Purely just to say, “Your work has touched my life.”

* Plan a wonderful party (letter-writing party, vision board party, book club meeting, taco night, whatever you want) and write a beautiful invitation. Send it to your friends. (Or invite just 1 friend if you’re introverted and prefer 1-on-1 experiences, not big groups!)

* Or, come up with another tiny project that sounds fun to you.


PS. If you’re obsessed with tiny projects–and you love the idea of writing a tiny book–check this out.

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