Things I Love



Don’t feel like writing yet another email? Worried that your tone will get lost in translation?

Use Vocaroo to record a quick audio note that you can email, tweet, share as a mini-podcast … whatever you please.

Just hit the giant red RECORD button and start talking. Couldn’t be simpler.


Alphabetize any list of words — in a jiffy! Weirdly addicting.


Commit to answering emails in three sentences — or less.

Because shorter emails = more time for kissing, stretching, living, loving …

(I don’t adhere to the “three sentences” principle ALL the time, but it’s a beautiful mark to move towards.)


How many words IS that, now? Oh. Now you know.


So. You’ve got a folder in your inbox. Full of emails. From various people. About a particular topic.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could “extract” the email addresses from everybody in that folder & invite them onto a proper mailing list? No more tacky CCing or BCCing. Shame and horror, averted!


Install and hit PAUSE to stop the incoming flow of emails, completely. Hit UNPAUSE and they all come rushing back in.

(You don’t “lose” or “miss” any messages — they just wait patiently in the PAUSE queue, until you’re ready. Heavenly!)


Ever think to yourself, “That email can definitely wait until later …”

Use Boomerang to fling it into outer space. It’ll return to your inbox on a specified date.


Ever think to yourself, “Self: I really don’t want to forget to paint my bedroom / quit my job / sign up for a marathon / go to Japan …”

Use Future Me to write an email to your future self. It can be public or private.

(Oh, and the public letters are faaascinating.)


Mooo-om! Why are your emails to me always in ALL CAPS?

Ahhhh. That’s better.


Need a classic aphorism? Quip? Turn of phrase? Commonly-used saying?

Behold: the best of the best, at your fingertips. (It’s one of my highly-classified copywriting secrets …)


A pun-believably good collection of groan-inducing phraseology.

(A little training for the annual Pun-Off World Championship, perhaps?)


I almost-always have music playing when I’m writing, working, thinking, doing … just about anything.

Delight your inner DJ and make an online mixtape of your favorite songs.

It’s free and legal. And very fun.



People to know


: Annika proofreads my blog posts & removes my amazingly-frequent stray commas.

: Paul designed this incredible website — don’t you love the dancing polygons in the background?

: RK at eDigest keeps my site up & running (and snugly secure from hackers & ne’er-do-wells.)

: Rebecca has created marvelous graphics for me, over the years — including book illustrations.

: Kristina is my literary agent, cheerleader & wise knower-of-all-booky-things. (She does consultations with aspiring authors, if you ever want to pick a brilliant agent’s brain for an hour or two …)

: Melissa & Susan give me priceless media and publicity insights. And lovingly kick my butt into gear. (Grateful, forever.)

: Leslie, Jenn, Kyeli, Catherine, Danielle, Esme & Thea have all snapped splendid photos of me, over the years.


I know a few. Here are my favs:

: Ana Ottman

: Ashley Ambirge

: Corinne Bowen

: Esme Wang

: Hillary Weiss

: Kelly Parkinson

: Nikki Groom

: Sarah Von Bargen



Just for kicks


A few things I simply adore. In alphabetical order. Why not?

: AirBnB
: All of these pancake recipes
: Anything involving Mister Rogers, Oscar Wilde or Stephen Fry
: Anything with hearts, lightning bolts or polygons
: BirchBox
: Bonne Maman preserves
: Comedy podcasts from Maximum Fun
: Dresses from Prairie Underground
: Greek yogurt
: GT’s Kombucha
: Haikus
: Hair color by FERIA
: Hula hoops
: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream
: Literary-themed restaurants
: Makeup by MAC
: Murray’s Cheese
: Orbit gum (sweet mint = my fav)
: Peanut Butter Puffins
: Pandora
: Pocket knives
: Real Simple magazine
: Salted caramel. Especially these.
: Sriracha hot sauce
: The Good Ideas / Bad Ideas journal
: The whole concept of Kaizen
: Treehouses
: Uchida pens
: Victorian slang
: Voluspa candles
: Weehouses
: Winnie the Pooh
: Yanis Marshall’s choreography
: Yoga clothes from Athleta
: Zoos with no cages. Aka, nature.