I’m a big believer in clear, firm communication. When you say exactly what you want — without any waffling, defensiveness, or apologizing — things tend to go pretty smoothly.

With that said, here are my business policies!

(If you’d like to write some policies for your own business, here’s some advice to help you figure out what to say.)


If you see something on my website that resonates with you — like an article or a free worksheet — and you want to re-publish the material on your blog, for example, that’s awesome! I’m honored that you like my work.

However, please email me first to get permission before putting my work into your next book, e-course, and whatnot. You can contact me here. (I almost always say, “Sure! Yes!” but I appreciate being asked.)


I don’t do ads on my site. I don’t do sponsored posts. I don’t do paid product reviews. I don’t feature “guest posts” on my site. I don’t do any of that stuff. It’s just not my thing.


I used to have a Comments section on my website where folks could post comments on my latest articles and essays. I de-activated the Comments section a few years ago. How come? It just felt like the right thing to do in my “hut” (heart + gut). That’s all.


I don’t use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platforms.

I deleted all of my accounts quite a while ago. Lots of people asked, “Why?” so I’ve written about my decision here and here.

To be clear: I don’t think social media is “evil” or “ruining the world.” I think social media is completely amazing — and it can be used in so many beautiful ways. But for me, it often felt like an alluring “distraction.” It clogged up my brain. It pulled my attention away from important projects. So I ditched it. That might NOT be the right choice for you, or for your business, but so far, it’s working out great for me.


If you sign up for my newsletter, your email address is stored in a secure piece of software called Aweber. I will never share your email address with anyone, ever. Not even if they offered me free Beyoncé concert tickets.


Oh no! You registered for one of my retreats but now you can’t come? That’s a bummer.

Here’s what can happen next:

– You can give your ticket to a friend who can attend in your place. (How generous of you! They will be so excited!)

– You can sell your ticket to a colleague who can attend in your place. (“Hey guys, I’ve got this ticket I need to sell… who’s interested?”)

– You can switch into another retreat that’s taking place at a different time — if I have space available, of course.

– The only thing you cannot do is… ask for a refund. That’s not an option. I don’t offer refunds for cancellations except in very extreme and unusual circumstances — things like hospitalization, emergency surgery, etc. This is a firm rule. Thank you for understanding.


It probably goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway… I’m not a physician, a psychologist, or any kind of mental health professional. When I share advice here on my website, I’m speaking from my personal perspective, not from a medical perspective. Please take that into account. Don’t sue me and stuff. Also, please get all the support that you need in order to thrive. Take good care of yourself.


To see my Shop policies (info re: purchasing my books, paintings, magnets, jewelry, and other products) head over here.


Thanks for reading my policies!

I enjoyed writing them and I hope you’re inspired to write your own.