A 1-on-1 storytelling session for rising star entrepreneurs


How’d you like to catapult through a month’s worth of minty-fresh copywriting, promotional brainstorming, service re-packaging + digital story-shaping … in a single, voltaic day?

Locking down your ideal language doesn’t need to be painful or sluggish.
It can be rollicking, riveting … and RAPID.


VELOCITY synthesizes everything I’ve gleaned from gettin’ under the hood of hundreds of entrepreneurial empires (micro, medium + major), wrangling promotional content for public broadcasting luminaries, jamming (in service of) online icons like Danielle LaPorte + Marie Forleo, crafting copy for an award-winning marketing agency and building my own disco-monk brand identity.

I’m bringing my left-brain pragmatism, right-brain poeticism + higher-self sensitivities into the electro-mix — an intensive mash-up of loving advice, laserbeam attention and rapid-fire copywriting. It’s kinda like a rave, inside your brain.

I recommend taking a day off after our sesh, to rehydrate + recover. (You’ll need it, trust me.)

I operate on the principle that no one on earth can do what you do —
in precisely the way that you do it.


And (it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway) VELOCITY isn’t just about hot copywriting for your business — though, most assuredly, there’ll be puh-lenty of that.

This is about getting laser-lucid clear on who you are —
and why you’re extraordinary.


It’s about cutting to the quick of what makes you unmistakable — the qualities + quirks that no one can imitate.

It’s about positioning you as a force of nature, an expert authority — and an icon to be reckoned with.

We’ll spend an entire day articulating your excellence —
in a way that feels practical, for YOU.


We’re gonna sweat. We’re gonna swear. We’re gonna break a whole lotta “must-do” marketing rules.

Dozens of my VELOCITY babies have wept. Two leapt + squealed like toddlers. One took her top off.

(Your mileage may vary.)


Here’s a play-by-play of the experience:


ϟ A 2-hour storytelling + self-promotion lightning storm session (usually phone. sometimes Skype. occasionally in-person)

ϟ A 5-hour block of focused wordsmithing, right then ‘n there (instant gratification is grooooovy)

ϟ Lickedy-split turnaround on 8 – 10 gotta-have copywriting elements (like a supersonic bio, tagline, pitch letter, manifesto, homepage copy, keynote description, opt-in auto-responder + sales page, for starters)

ϟ A 1-hour copy-review + come-down session, to polish + refine your new promotional language

ϟ mp3 recordings of our convos — plus a post-session Wrap Kit (full of heart-plucked pros + road-tested tools to bolster your biz)

ϟ Email canoodling + easy-does-it encouragement for about a week post-session, to hold your hand through the aftershocks

You’ll invest $1500 for the package — $750 upon booking (to secure your date), $750 a few days before we jam (to seal the deal).

Curious about my Karma-Friendly Cancellation Policy? ‘Tis right here.


Feeling revved UP?


The Pre-VELOCITY PlayBook will give you a jolt of what’s to come.


Rowdy? Rumbling? Rarin’ to lock down a date?


I’m currently booked up for the rest of 2013 (annnnd … into the first wave of 2014.)

I’m not booking any more VELOCITY dates at this point, but you can hop on my just-in-case waiting list to find out when I’m swinging the VELOCITY doors open, again.

Drop your name + email address just below.

Thank you, deeply.


Love, Love, Love…

“At a meeting at Random House HQ — with Franz to my right — I told my publishing power-team, ‘If anything, uh, happens to me, Alexandra can finish writing the book.’ I trust her that much. And I know her talent, that well.

If you’re looking for sizzling webcopy that lifts your business to the next level, Alexandra’s got you covered.
And $1500 is a deal for generous, gifted, gold bullion precision.

But what I love about Franz — why I’ve pointed dozens, if not hundreds of colleagues + clients her way — is that with her, it’s always more than. More than copy. More than strategy. More than what you asked for — or expected. With her as your writer-in-arms, it’s about remembering who you are — and revealing who you’re about to become.

I could go on. I won’t. Because we’re burning daylight, and Alexandra’s calendar fills up early — and fast. Simply put:
Work with her and you’ll be better for it.”
Danielle LaPorte, Author of The Fire Starter Sessions + Creator of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan


“Alexandra Franzen is a GENIUS. I consider her one-in-a-million level talent with a killer combination of speed, intelligence, wit, charm and a gigantic heart.

If you’re looking for a wordsmith to infuse your story with the type of stadium-rock energy that’ll make your clients + customers pump their fists in the air — and get ecstatic about what you’re selling — get Alex in your court.
I could not be more honored to work with her.”
Marie Forleo, CEO + Founder of MarieTV + B-School | Bestselling author of Make Every Man Want You


“Words are important. They carry big mojo. And they’re so personal. So I never thought I’d call in help on that front. In my head, it felt like handing your baby to a total stranger while you dash off to grab a super uber venti chai. Crazycakes, right? But that’s so not how my VELOCITY session went down.

When I took my first peek at what Alex had written, my first response was a mix of loud clapping + celebratory swearing + getting teary. It was so much MORE! than I expected. MORE kapow! MORE clarity! MORE me!
It was a complete + total HELL YES!

Watching this big bucket of BOOM come together in one day, reading it all start to finish, and feeling the vibe of what I do in every single word was totally delicious.

I’m not trying to be overly sugary here. Really. But I can’t think of a single thing I’d change about the whole shindig. It rocked. Hard.”
Fabeku Fatunmise, Business Awesomizer | Suck Exorcist | Sound Alchemist


“I needed to amp up my website copy. It was outdated and boring. Period. Leading up to my VELOCITY session with Alex, I was ready to get things organized + updated, in a voice + tone that felt like ME.

By the end of our session, I wanted to marry her (my husband will understand). I couldn’t wait to get the new language up on my site. This diva just GOT me.

AND BEST OF ALL, MY NEW SALES PAGE LED TO A SOLD-OUT PROGRAM, IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS. I even had to open up a second class for the spillover, ’cause people were kicking + screaming for more.

Get your VELOCITY on. NOW.”
Susan Hyatt, Martha Beck-certified Master Coach | Author of Create Your Own Luck: 7 Steps to Get Your Lucky On


“I’d been pigeon-holed as the ‘PR Gal’ for so long, but knew my services went way beyond that zone of expertise.

I needed a keen, smart, outside pair of eyes to peek into my world and help me uncover what I really deliver to clients — and package it in a way that they’d eat up for breakfast.

Alex reimagined my story + webcopy, and it felt like DYING and going to heaven. My bio sounded so spectacular, I wanted to hang it and wear it as a necklace. Totally delicious.

Plus, I booked two $2,500 STARMAKER sessions less than 2 days after posting the new sales copy Alex had written. Bomb diggity!”
Melissa Cassera, PR Rockstar + National TV Spokeswoman


“Even though I had voices in my head telling me I could write my own copy — or that a VELOCITY session would cost me too much money — I listened instead to my gut which was saying, we need this even if we don’t really fully know why.

And holy crap! Alexandra GOT me! She GOT what I’m up to, why it’s so important to me, and how I want to express it to the world. Every email that rolled in made me even giddier than the last — one of them even gave me butterflies of excitement! I felt like I was floating all day.

I had NO idea what I was reeeally getting when I signed up for this. I thought it was just going to be amazing copy. I was blown away by everything else that came with it: clarity, direction, brilliant business advice.

I am over the moon with the clarity I gained during our session. I THOUGHT I knew where I was headed, but I just had an end result in mind. Now I feel like I have a road map to get there.”
Cortnee Loren Brown, Writer + Yogi + Creative Photographer


“As a mega word-nerd, I’ve been in love with Alexandra’s writing for a while. I felt like my message and brand could do with some of her magic. And ultimately, it was the testimonials + amazing people she’d worked with that cemented my decision to book a session.

My VELOCITY session was GOLD! Reading through the sales copy for my upcoming e-program, I really saw the value in what I am creating. And now, I’m even more excited to polish things up, launch my program, and take my business to a whole ‘notha level!”
Jess Ainscough, Writer | Holistic Health Coach | Creator of The Wellness Warrior Lifestyle Transformation Guide


“Alexandra, here is my heart’s offering of thanksgiving, celebration and praise for you. OUR WORK TOGETHER HAS BEEN ONE OF THE GREAT BLESSINGS OF MY LIFE.

The suppleness and subtlety of your mind. Your quirky, creative, playful heart. The depth and breadth of your spirit. Your steady, grounded, utterly trustworthy presence and support. The skill, willingness, humor and commitment you bring to everything you do — these are precious gifts, and you share them so generously.

Thank you so much. I’m truly blessed to know you.”
Hiro Boga, Business strategist | Transformational teacher | Energy alchemist


“Alexandra: you are inspiring, brilliant, so smart, so sharp and make words come to life unlike any other.

I wanted you to hear what I wasn’t saying and help me synergize my story to set the world on fire. And Good Goddess — our session was even better than I thought it would be!

I cried when I read the new copy. CRIED. I felt so heard + seen + understood, even just in our first two hours together. MAGNANIMOUS.

I’m feeling powerful, possible, tooled, clear and equipped to do what I really, really want to do.
Thank you.”
L’Erin Alta-Devki, Transformational Facilitator | Speaker | Writer


“I am amazed at Alexandra’s playful, fun, light energy yet deep compassion, reassurance and understanding.

Working with her helped me to gain clarity on my packages + my niche: clearing up the overwhelm + anxiety and seeing the LIGHT! (insert angelic music here)

It’s brilliant to see your own life in words, and say, That’s me? Yes! This is me! (tears, giggle, smile, happy dance).”
Caroline Frenette, Intuitive Coach for Goddesses-in-training


“It was totally out of this world to hear Alexandra express in words what I had been trying to explain. Working with her was a reminder that what I do matters and needs to continue.

Seeing all of the words she wrote for me just blew my mind. It was like being handed the best version of ME in a lovely package — with a groovy-ass bow on it.

I’ve already heard many people tell me they LOVE the direction I’m going in and they LOVE the new copy on my website. When people go to my homepage it makes SENSE now, and all of the pieces I offer are actually connected. THAT is GOLD.

Catherine Just, Award-winning Photographer | Spiritual Teacher | Creator of The Fear*Less Movement


“Alex looked at my business, listened to my story, and spun it all into heart-filled words. I got more than just sparkly copy — I got serious business insight. I felt as though I received above + beyond the value that I anticipated — I was stunned by her ability to just add fabulous bonuses on top.

I left our VELOCITY session feeling ecstatic — fully prepared to step into the glorious business of my wildest imagining.”
Mara Glatzel, Self-Love Coach | Memoirist | Creator of Medicinal Marzipan


Alexandra is, hands down, the best wordsmither I know. I booked a date with her oh-so-long ago because I knew she would uplevel my copy like nobody’s business.

It’s rather like how women come to me for hormone care, but end up with radical health and self-realization — I came to Alexandra for webcopy, but left with new business models that truly serve me + my sassafras personality + quirkster nature.

She friggin’ gets it, and gets it big. She holds the big vision for you.
Dr. Sara Gottfried, Founder of The Gottfried Center for Integrative Medicine + Author of The Hormone Cure


“Before our VELOCITY session, my newsletter had been the bane of my biz communication. Alex transformed that.

Now, I will never sit at my desk and worry about how to stay in touch with my audience. I’m packing for day trips and planning city adventures instead.

This was more than a copywriting miracle — she gave me permission to spill rubies from the throne.”

—Janice Hoffmann, Project coach | Field guide | Creator of Creative Trails


“In a word, Alexandra the Most Awesome — WOW!

Uber-helpful doesn’t even begin to describe the immeasurable gift that is = thinking, talking, creating, and being in cahoots with you. You definitely are a Voice Blessing. Palm-to-Palm and a jammin’ bow of Namaste.

Rachel Bagby, International Speaker | Author | Choral Conjurer


“I’d collaborated with Alex before, and I knew that she’d deliver something brilliant, on our VELOCITY date.

What I hadn’t known, though, was how easy she was to talk to. Stories poured out of me — things I’d never told anyone before. She’s a safe harbor, she honored my experiences and helped me share them in a way that felt tender, honest and comfortable.

Her writing made me do grand jetés around my living room. I still can’t contain my sheer gratitude, happiness and excitement. Everything she wrote sounded like me — my story, my voice. I love that.

I’m feeling confident, giddy and powerful. YES.”
—Jenn Gibson, Writer | Self-Care Coach | Creator of Roots of She


“I swallowed hard at committing to the VELOCITY session since money is waaaaay tight right now, but I trusted that it might just be one of the best investments I ever made. And … it brought me to tears. Completely impactful.

The way you reframed my words to accurately portray the story that I wanted to tell … it was perfect. Truly.

Thank you for so brilliantly bringing clarity to my furry bits of thinking and for gently coaxing me to think like a strong woman instead of a dust bunny.”
Cynthia Haynes, Portrait Artist + Visual Storyteller


“Alex is a profoundly gifted wordsmith who listens deeply. She hears the whisper of your soul (and your business) and finds the words to describe the indescribable. I admired Alex from a distance for a few months, then my heart demanded I welcome her into my life and business.

Our VELOCITY session was jam-packed with tremendous value. She offered up a dynamic combination of sizzling webcopy, brilliant strategy, and illuminating inspiration.

Her talent is like nothing I’ve ever seen and her heart is huge — a combo that creates a truly remarkable human being. I love her to bits and I will play with her again. And again. And again.”
Gemma Stone, Clinical Psychologist | Author | Coach


To say that Alexandra is a magician with words is an understatement. She has an otherworldly way of getting to your essence and then putting your personality, presence and magic on the page.

Original? Check. Organized? Check. Meticulous? Check. Brilliant? Check. Inspired? Check.

She’s like a feel-good pill that gives you a natural high. And when you read about yourself — well, you kinda fall in love with you. And as a person? She bestows a blessing just by being who she is. I wish she were part of my full-time team. I’d be better for it.”
Susan Harrow, Media Coach, Marketing Strategist + Author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul


“I have worked with many people during the 17 years I’ve been an entrepreneur, yet I put Alexandra on a holy pedestal at the top of my list of people I’ve hired. She listens, asks questions, and witnesses me in a way that always leaves me in awe.

She has breathed life into new programs as I create them. I love working with her so much, I book a standing appointment quarterly. Get an appointment now while she is doing this work. Alex is going places.”
Sherold Barr, Martha Beck-certified Master Coach | Creator of Smart Women Love Money


It is rare, if ever, that you meet a person who has the ability to be the indelible interpreter of your soul. She’s a cosmic crafter of the story arch of your spirit, guiding you towards your highest good.

Work with her. It is one of the best investments you will make. Trust me, I know. It took purposed meditation to determine how to describe my experience with her. The words you have just read say it all.”
Dr. Tashion Macon, Celebrity Psychologist + Creator of FAITH LIFTS


“Before working with Alexandra, I’d written everything on my website. And I was pretty happy with it. Even so, I knew there were places where I wasn’t giving myself enough credit or making things shine.
I wanted Alexandra to help me refine my ‘next level’ message.

Tears sprang to my eyes almost immediately when I read the bio Alexandra wrote for me. She showed me the magic of my own journey. That alone was worth doing this session — and the fact that I can share it with others? Bonus!

I would literally pay anything to have Alexandra write everything for me in the future! I also felt deeply moved by our session, which I wasn’t really expecting. She got what I’m doing in a clear and profound way … and now I’ve got clear words, a clear plan, and even more importantly — the confidence to make it happen!”
—Anna Guest-Jelley, Body Empowerment Educator + Founder of Curvy Yoga


“I was hooked on Alexandra’s word wizardry from the moment I discovered her blog. I felt instantly lit up by her perfect combo of biz-life smarts and wit. The stuff of geniuses.

I couldn’t wait to see what bolts of brilliance were going to come from our VELOCITY session.
And it was A-FREAKIN’-MAZING! I’ve never had anyone ‘interview’ me in such a detailed way. Her suggestions + ideas for services + products (and where to focus my energies) were SO helpful.

And the copy she wrote! Wait, WHAT? No seriously … what?! My brain was going, ‘How the hell does she do it? So fast? So accurately?’ I was over the moon excited — and in total awe of her work.

The girl REALLY listens and has killer intuitive sense.”
—Stephanie Watanabe, Writer + Videographer | The Girl Who Knows


“Alex Franzen’s arsenal of skills is fancy and full. I’ve seen her sprinkle her disco glitter on everything from professional bios to product names and beyond.


I only wish I’d hired her sooner. Everything she did for me blew me away with how spot-on it was and magically creative.
Get her while you can!”
Rachel Cole, Life Coach | Creativity Maven | Author of The Porridge Manifesto


“I booked a VELOCITY session because I wanted to figure out how to integrate all of my passions — writing, drumming, marketing, mermaid mythology — and I was excited to see how you’d mash it all up, in an elegant way. And when I read the new language for my site, I knew I never could have done it by myself.

I’ve never spent this much money for my business / livelihood — and it felt surprisingly SELF-nurturing.
I felt witnessed and understood. It made me realize how much I’ve underestimated myself.

Thanks to you, Gorgeous Goddess, I can see myself in a BIG way, doing BIGGER things and loving my life.
The experience was deep, powerful … truly TIDAL.

Kris Oster, Mythology Scholar | Marketing Muse | Creator of Mythic Rhythm


“Alexandra is a CHANNEL. She said what I would say, only BETTER. And FUNNIER. She captured my heart and soul and poured it onto paper. I was blown away at what Alex was able to crank out in such a short amount of time. Truly astonishing!

I loved the back and forth collaborative energy of our VELOCITY session. There were moments I wanted to cry — because she hit the nail spot on.

I wanted to bring my web presence — and business — to the next level. And now, I’m ready to put it all into action. Magical.”
—Laura Frances Gates, Leadership Coach | Culture Change Partner | Empress of Upheaval at Surrendering To The Signs


“I wanted to redefine myself + chart a new course in my career and life. I’ve been soaring, but I was ready to fly higher. My new course of action required the BEST! And I knew I needed Alexandra as part of my Power Entourage.

My VELOCITY session felt like winning a marathon! The words, the tone, the voice — ALL MINE in a truthful, authentic + powerful way. It took 20 years to hear my voice and finally it can be heard.

And seriously, I want to know if Alexandra is real or if she is some brilliant man-made computer with artificial intelligence that pours out masterfully crafted words to fit the profile of each user. How can any human be this talented?

My only critique is that I can’t book her again for another five months — she is booked solid! Totally unfair.”
—Karen Arrington, Empowerment Coach | Goodwill Ambassador to Gambia | Founder of The Miss Black USA Pageant


jenvertanen“Working with Alex feels a little like this: SQUEE!!!!!!

It’s amazing! How the hell did we spend only 2 hours together and yet she so perfectly captured my manner of speech + style?

The whole experience was unicornspuppydogsrainbowscutekittenswithbows. Seriously though: empowering.”
Jen Vertanen, Business Strategist + Project Planner For People Who Are … Not.


“I booked a VELOCITY date with Alexandra to get clarity around my business language, but I walked away with something unexpected: a deep reminder that my work is important, and that my very best content is ready to come out.

It was challenging — but worth it — to move through so much work, all at once. I had to juggle my kids’ needs in the middle of our session, but ultimately I was grateful that we buckled down + got everything finished in a single day.

I wish I could collect all my thoughts, each + every day, and have Alexandra channel them into words … just the way I want to convey them. She is truly a wizard with words.”
Jessica Drummond, Health, Hormone + Nutrition Coach for Mothers + Daughters


“Alexandra has a killer reputation — and I trusted that she could take what I felt in my heart + translate it into words. The whole experience of working with her was one big YUM. I’m feeling more focused + directed, as I shift into a new season of my life + business.”

Dr. Sheri Rosenthal, Transformational Coach | International Retreat Leader


“I was desperately seeking a clearly-defined voice for my business — with a little bit of sass.

As I waited for my VELOCITY session, it felt like my whole world revolved around that date. And the language Alexandra created was fall-to-your-knees-phenomenal. I kept thinking, ‘She got it! That is me. Really. Really? Is that me? I think it is. Yes it is. Oh my gosh — THAT IS ME!’

Alexandra made some deep story-connections I’d never seen before — like when she pointed out that teaching myself to speak English in NYC had made me a masterful interpreter of non-verbal communication … the kind I do today, with horses. That blew me away.

Right now, I’m feeling elated, empowered + connected to my words. I’m a little overwhelmed by the ‘bigness’ of my mission, but I’m ready to pull up those straps in my Frye boots and offer the world my best work yet.”
—Nicole Birkholzer, Equine Coach | Spiritual Mentor | Creator of Mindful Connections™


“My business was changing, my website needed a complete copy makeover, and I needed my site to showcase the real me.

My day with Alex was unforgettable — I loved being able to speak from my heart, share my feelings + stories and know that she was taking it all in. And the copy she poured out left me feeling beyond amazing — about myself. Thank you!!!”
Gretchen Christy, Virtual Business Partner + Implementer Extraordinaire


“I had a vision of loooove, but no way to articulate it properly! My business needed the right sort of nudging and pushing to get people to understand what I was trying to say.

When I read Alexandra’s copy for my site, I thought: I JUST DIED IN YOUR ARMS TONIGHT! It was BEYOND what I had expected, and my expectations were high. BY THE THIRD PIECE OF COPY, I WAS NEARLY IN TEARS FROM HAPPINESS. Alex totally got ME.

Alex did more than articulate what I wanted to convey to people — her genius brain sizzled and snapped and literally gifted me with the most beautiful and loving idea to add to my list of services — something so simple and well suited to what I do that I wanted to shout it out to the heavens. Empowering. Actionable. EXPLOSIVE!”
Aurora Armijo, Portrait Artist + Girl Pop Visionary


“I wanted to synthesize fresh copy for my website — and create a plan to move forward. I was hoping Alex could take me beyond where I could go on my own. I write, but I was curious to see what she had!

On the day of our VELOCITY session, I WAS LAUGHING OUT LOUD AT HER BRAZEN WIT, AND IN AWE OF HER SKILL. She has a laserbeam insight and gift to extract juicy, succulent and wildly exciting ideas and translate them into your own language. Seriously. I was blown away. Beyond my expectations.

Every time I got an email with new copy, I could feel that she was able to truly dive into the essence of me and my business. In a word? Phenomenal.”
Kim Anami, Life + Intimacy Coach | Creator of The Sexual Savant Salons


“I made a VELOCITY date with Alexandra because she speaks my language better than I speak my language. Plus, I’d seen her genius sparkle on other brilliant sites that I adore.

The whole experience was stupendously sweet + easy. I got all the language I wanted, in one clean slice of ‘my story + service essentials’ pie. Sweet with no calories.

I’m feeling like a giddy girl / child / woman with infinite possibilities to reach my peeps and leave my mark + my legacy. Alexandra gets it — and got me, as her client.”
Annette Tersigni, The Yoga Nurse, Creator of Yoga Nursing®, Speaker, Trainer + #1 Amazon Bestselling Author


“I was struggling to find a coherent + compelling way of bringing all my ideas + visions into one story. I knew I had BIG things to do in the world, but I couldn’t find the words to do them justice.

And HOLY SH*T! This woman is truly gifted. She got me. She got my vision. She found exactly the right words to make everything sound + feel like me. I WAS LITERALLY IN AWE. I knew she was amazing from hearing many colleagues sing her praises, but watching her bring my ideas to life was simply incredible. And in such a short period of time? YES!

VELOCITY goes beyond webcopy. This is the kind of language that makes you go, ‘Wow — no more excuses. It’s time to step up and own the amazingness of what she wrote about me — of who I really am.’

This was the very best money I’ve ever spent in my business. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.”
Stephanie Pollock, Business Activator | Branding Strategist | Leadership Coach


“I wanted to work with Alex because she’s open-minded, she’s an entrepreneur, and I knew she’d ‘get it’ when I shared the vision for my business. I was REALLY REALLY excited about getting work done in a single day that would have taken me a month, on my own — and wouldn’t have been as amazing.

I was floored at how well Alex was able to hear what I was saying and transform it into powerful, uplifting words on a page. After reading the copy for my upcoming course, I was like “DAMN! People are going to want to take this!”
It reignited my passion for my work — I can’t wait to finish creating the course and get it into the world!

I’m feeling like I have a more cohesive vision for my brand and I’m psyched at how positive the message feels. VELOCITY = pure goodness.”
—Ashley Pitman, Wellness Educator | Certified Health Coach | Creator of


“I wanted to package + present my work as a minister + spiritual guide as a lovely gift to the world. I needed help maximizing my webspace and copy (as well as my time) to make my whole business more efficient — and ultimately, more joyful — for me and clients. Ease + grace were what I was looking for, and you delivered.

When I started reading the new copy you sent over, I gasped. You understood my vibe, my philosophy, and really listened. And then the copy kept coming and coming! At several points throughout the day, I got tingles down my body + tears in my eyes.

I’m feeling overwhelmed, but with excitement bubbling underneath. The vision is clear and the WAY has been paved — what more could I ask for?”
Reverend Lisa Sarick, Yoga Instructor | Interfaith Minister | Spiritual Guide


“This morning I woke up with butterflies of anticipation, but I am the woman who eats her lasagna upside down to save the best, cheesy bit for last, so I made myself have a shower and put my makeup on and make the bed and only THEN could I treat myself to opening your attachment.

Now I look like a freaking PANDA with mascara all over my cheeks from wee tears of delirious JOY!

You are fanbloodybrilliant and have magically translated what we feel in our hearts and the dreams buzzing in our brains into the most incredible copy I’ve ever seen. The energy is palpable … I wanted to get on my running shoes RIGHT THEN!

Julia and I have been jumping up and down and squealing for ten minutes solid. You are the rockingest of rockstars and I cannot thank you enough.”
—Shauna Reid, Co-creator + Community Director | Up + Running


“You know when there’s a movie playing that everybody is RAVING about? It’s the greatest, best, funniest, most romantic film EVER and you can’t wait to see it? Fast-forward to leaving the theater feeling deprived. Like, wow, it wasn’t THAT great. Sure, it’s a decent movie but the build-up was just more than ANY movie could live up to.

I was afraid that my VELOCITY session was going to be that way. I tried not to pay too much attention to the wall o’ praise because really, is anybody THAT good? Well, YOU are. That good. And I could not be happier. It’s all true and then some. I love how you captured me. Your attention to detail made the new language belong to me. You told my story in a way I never could. It was the perfect fit.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m too hard to please, or too critical. You are a shining example that I’m not … I’ve just been working with the wrong folks.”
DeAnn Mullins, Pharmacist, Diabetes Geek + Founder of WeCare Diabetes Education Program


“I literally agonized over writing my webcopy, three years ago — and was never 100% jazzed about it. I didn’t want to go through that again, and it felt like such a gift to myself to book a VELOCITY session with you.

On our big date, you took all of the information I’d given you and transformed it into phrases that so beautifully describe the heart + soul of my business. Unbelievably spot on. And so valuable.”
—Mindy Meiering, Life Coach | Social Worker | Founder, Bridges Coaching


“I’d admired Alexandra’s wordsmithery for a long while, and when it was time for me to step up my business — and step way out into the world — I called on Alex.

I was hoping she could clarify and cook up some stellar word stylin’ for my site. The trickiest part was deciding which pieces of prose I needed! I trusted that once we were on the phone, Alexandra would know help me decide. And she did. Period.

For me, the best moment of the day was clarifying what it is I’m helping my clients understand + who those clients are. I love knowing that I’ve got an audio recording of that conversation, to keep forever. She even transcribed that moment of magic for me. Stellar.

There’s still work to be done, and a few strands to untangle, but I’m suddenly seeing my ideal clients everywhere. I’M ON FIRE.”
—Amanda Page, Collaborative coach for writers in action | Creator,


“We wanted to ensure that our new business started off with a bang — and that meant getting our website’s language perfect. While we may be skilled in many areas, word-smithing is not our natural strong point! We were especially concerned about our bios — we both had a bit of a mental block when it came to identifying areas of our experience that we wanted to highlight.

When Alex sent over the copy for our ‘Work with Us’ page, WE REALIZED WE SOUNDED SO GOOD, WE WANTED TO HIRE OURSELVES! We felt that Alex was such an amazing listener, and she captured the essence of who we are and how we wanted to present our business perfectly. THERE WASN’T ANYTHING THAT DIDN’T GET COVERED, BEYOND OUR EXPECTATIONS.

And now, we’re feeling very prepared and confidant that our website depicts our fun side and our love of business! We can’t wait to get going!”
—Susan Wiggins + Kat Bouchard, Co-founders, The Simple Art Of Business


“I have a non-traditional business that deals with sensitive issues around weight + eating — and I’d never been quite able to capture the essence of my work, in words. I’d rewritten obsessively to the point where I was just too close to the work. I knew that something big was going to transpire if I just surrendered the whole mess to Alex.

WHEN I STARTED READING THE COPY ALEXANDRA HAD WRITTEN FOR ME, I CRIED … FOR REAL. When she sent me the Manifesto for my business, I cried. When I read it aloud to my husband and teenage son, I cried more. I couldn’t get over how beautifully she captured everything that mattered. Every new piece of copy was absolutely just-right. It was very moving … the whole day just moved me.

BY THE END OF THE DAY, I HAD LITERALLY GOTTEN EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY THING I WANTED. I remember thinking, ‘how often do you get exactly what you want — all of it, done, finished, complete!’ It was a gorgeous, sparkling, deeply satisfying day. Perfection.”
—Lisa Claudia Briggs, Intuitive Psychotherapist + Overeating Interventionist | Founder of Intuitive Body


“I booked a VELOCITY session because I needed someone who could help bring my webcopy, dreams and company to an entirely new level — and Alex speaks my language.

I felt guided and safe from the word GO — do you know how hard it is to have that level of trust immediately? The process took on a life of its own life.

When I read the copy Alexandra had written for me, my first thought was: HOLY COW! I WOULD HAVE PAID TRIPLE! Alex nailed the copy, honestly, I FEEL LIKE SHE CHANNELED MY TRUTH, SPUN IT AROUND INTO ITS ENDLESS POSSIBILITY AND THEN HANDED ME MY FUTURE.

Right now, I’m feeling PUMPED, CONFIDENT + ALIVE. I’ve lined up several meetings with new web designers, scheduled a video shoot, and found a graphic artist who is designing a new t-shirt line for my company. Alex and I had our VELOCITY session on Thursday, I had everything locked down by Friday afternoon. Motivated hardly covers it.

IT WAS SO GOOD AND LIFE-AFFIRMING THAT I JUST BROKE DOWN CRYING BECAUSE I WAS SO GRATEFUL. When someone sees you and gets it, that’s powerful stuff.”
—Kat McCullough, Founder of Parachute Promise


“I love to write — and have a book on the way! — but I was finding it tricky to choose the right words to encompass all that I do. I wanted an expert copywriter to help bring my website to life and match the beauty I was offering with my services. When I researched Alexandra and read how so many people had benefited from working with her, I knew she was The One for me!

ALEXANDRA LISTENED SO INTENTLY AS I EXPLAINED THE PASSION I HAVE FOR MY WORK, AND JUST ‘GOT IT’. Before I even got the copy I knew she would nail it, because she was so invested in what I was saying.

My eyes couldn’t read fast enough to soak up Alexandra’s beautiful words about me, my services and even my life. I’m feeling excited. Energised. Beautiful. Beaming.”
—Julie Parker, Self-Love Coach, Clinical Counselor + Creator of Beautiful You


“I’m a certified doula + champion of new mamas, and I was ready to shift my business up a major notch, and portray myself in a full-on awesome light to my peeps.

Alexandra phrased everything I do so perfectly. I also loved her input on website setup and connecting with peeps — SHE’S LIKE A ROCKIN’ WRITER AND BUSINESS COACH ALL IN ONE ADORABLE PACKAGE! By the end of our VELOCITY session, I was feeling super confident, powerful, and excited as hell! Did I say, ROCKIN’?”
—Devon Clement, Founder | Mama’s Best Friend


“I was stalling on launching my business because I wasn’t sure how to put my story — and my unconventional coaching services—into words. After I read through her testimonials, I knew Alexandra was the right person for me — and that doing a VELOCITY session would provide me with everything I needed to get out there and JUST DO IT!

The day of my VELOCITY session felt like Christmas morning plus pre-date jitters, with glitter sprinkled over the top! Reading through the copy Alex wrote, I kept thinking, ‘WOW, she gets me!’ It was totally beautiful to be witnessed that way. I feel as if she poured awesome-sauce all over me, then sent me into the world guns a blazin’. I LITERALLY CRIED BIG HOT TEARS OF JOY!

I received so much value, and I feel like I have a story to live into. I’m uber excited and grateful!”
Kerrie Blazek, Pleasure Catalyst + Sleep-over Life Coach


“I want to change the face of wealth and help thousands of women build 6, 7 or 8 figure socially conscious empires in the process. It’s a big mountain to climb, and to kick off my ascent I needed the best talent I could find.

I’ve circled back and forth around the same challenges with writing authentic + genuine promotional copy for years. I’VE SPENT TENS OF THOUSANDS ON TRAINING, PROGRAMS AND BOOKS — BUT NOTHING CAME CLOSE TO BRINGING ME TO WHERE I ARRIVED AS I READ THE FIRST PAGE OF COPY ALEXANDRA SENT. I love that I now smile every time I read the words that describe why I do what I do, with intention and purpose. Our VELOCITY session was electrifying, game changing + seriously powerful.

Alexandra — you are a genius. Thank you for doing what you do, thank you for your passion and grace and for making it fun. There’s still work to do to maintain my momentum, but this was my giant leap forward.”
—Miranda Webb, Wealth Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs | Founder of Smart CEO Women


“I was so ready to finally have webcopy that spoke to people in my own voice, and I knew I needed an outside influence to best articulate who I am for the world. ALEXANDRA TOTALLY NAILED IT.

I WONDERED HOW SHE COULD ‘GET’ ME IN SO SHORT A TIME SPAN. I kept thinking I needed to make changes to it for the sake of making changes — when all I really needed to do was leave it alone. It was already perfect. I’m feeling energized, inspired, relieved, excited, confident, clear…and complete.”
Charrise McCrorey, Life + Liberation Coach


“My site had too many holes and info that was ‘Coming Soon’ — for waaaay too long. I just wanted it all done without any further delays — but more importantly, I WANTED IT DONE RIGHT.

I love Alexandra’s smart and funny writing, and I was stoked about discovering how we’d put my business into words.

It was awesome to kick off our VELOCITY session with a nearly 2-hour conversation, and talk about all the things I don’t really dig into during my day-to-day business operations. The coolest part was seeing all the info come together and reading over the fat doc that Alexandra sent with all of the language I’ve been wanting for 7+ years!

I’m so much closer to communicating what I do in a fun way that attracts my ideal clients, new experiences, and the growth I’ve been wanting. If I had to describe my VELOCITY session in a single word, it would be: ESSENTIAL.”
Christa Meola, Photography Maven + Personal Paparazza


“I booked Alex for an in-person VELOCITY session near my medical center, because I found her to be so charming in her online presence. Little did I know that she would be incredibly delightful, nymph-like yet powerful in-person.

I was so excited about crafting my story, and she summed up the essence of what I was trying to communicate in a beautiful, soulful way. I was so impressed by the focus and productivity of the day. We accomplished so much, and I have a better sense of my messaging and my vision for helping women feel positively beautiful and joyful. I WISH I COULD TALK TO ALEX AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK!”
—Dr. Susan Mathison, Creator of + Founder of The Catalyst Medical Center


“I was in need of help — big-time — to package and convey who I am and what I offer … I had an avalanche of words, but was drowning from lack of focus.

As my VELOCITY session date crept closer, I wanted fresh homepage copy, a tagline, a new bio, an email opt-in, two program sales pages, a company description, and an invitation to my mailing list to check out my new 1-on-1 consults. Really, was Alexandra going to get it ALL done in a day?! It sounded so out of the realm of what I imagined was possible…

WHEN I READ THE COPY ALEX HAD CRAFTED FOR ME, I WAS BLOWN AWAY, COMPLETELY. LIKE, PERFECT-10 KIND OF COPY. She got me, my voice, my mission and the people I want to serve. Beyond my expectations. And what’s more, she helped me to see myself in a new way, too.

I don’t think I have ever been more impressed with anyone’s performance, brilliance, service and pizzazz. I’m feeling ebullient, excited, energized, enthused … THIS WAS A SUPER-SKYSCRAPER OF AWESOMENESS!”
Shannon Jackson Arnold, Writer | Teacher | Resourceful Guide for Creative Souls


“I NEEDED SOME WORD MAGIC MIXED WITH MY BIZ MAGIC SO I COULD CREATE SOMETHING, WELL … EVEN MORE MAGICAL. I booked my VELOCITY session with complete faith that you were totally going to get my work in the world, and help other people get it too! It was that feeling of tension right before you go to get a massage, knowing that when you leave, it’s all going to feel better.

When you shot back my bio, it confirmed what I’d been telling myself for weeks: Alexandra’s got this! Revving up to launch my re-branded website + luxe new offerings, I’m feeling romantic, passionate and ready to French Kiss the World with my clients. FIRST CLASS!”
Tonya Leigh, Master Life Coach, Luxury Travel Maven + Life Seductress


“I was looking for someone who could give me clearer, more engaging language. I found you and knew you were IT. Total gut reaction.

I had this feeling that my VELOCITY session would be really powerful, and that it could change how I looked at what I do. And you so delivered! Your wizardry with words, the gift of giving someone else language that fits so perfectly is mind blowing.

I loved every minute of it — and I’m feeling more confident, excited, thrilled, and turned {on}! THE NEW LANGUAGE FEELS LIKE NEW CLOTHES THAT SPEAK TO MY SENSES AND MY AESTHETIC. YOU GAVE ME SO MUCH MORE THAN NEW COPY. DELICIOUS!”
—Theres Kull | Sex + Sensuality Coach + Founder, Remember Eden


“I needed the combo of strategizing + wordsmithing that I felt Alexandra would bring — and I really needed to put my business first for a day! For me, it was all about getting my thoughts, feelings, dreams, goals + offerings out in the open, heard, considered — and down on paper. Er, make that, screen. Basically, being able to present myself and my biz in a much more elegant, clear manner.

As Alexandra’s copy started rolling into my inbox, I said to myself, “HOT DAMN. YES.” I laughed because some of it was so right on, yet I never would have thought of it myself. I REALIZED THIS WAS GOING TO CATAPULT ME AND MY BUSINESS FORWARD TO … WHO KNOWS WHERE? THRILLING.

Right now, I’m feeling polished, clear, calm, and excited to get my website up and running so I can present myself in the best light, attract the right clients, and streamline my biz practices. FANTASMIC!”
Natasha Lakoš, Graphic Designer + Visual Philosopher


“I needed some awesome webcopy for my equally awesome web launch. I found Alexandra — and once I saw her blog, I was hooked.

Favorite moment of my VELOCITY session? Getting to tell Alex my story. It clarified things for me, and gave me a sense of my voice and mission — which I really needed. Second fav moment? Getting my bio. I think the mark of a successful bio is reading it and feeling like you want to meet and hang out with that person. I read my bio, and all of a sudden totally had the hots for myself!

Our session left me feeling directed, clear, on message, dynamic, capable … and consistent. She nailed it! We nailed it! THIS WAS THE BEST INVESTMENT EVER!”
Bri Saussy, Spiritual Counselor | Root Magic Ritualist | Self-Inquiry Sorceress


“I wanted a VELOCITY session because I couldn’t stand playing small one second longer. I was stuck in ‘professional / corporate’ speak and wanted ME to shine through: big, bold and authentic.

I was excited before we even began — just making the decision to work with you unleashed a new level of creativity in me! And once our day together was over + done? My self-belief grew 10 sizes! I now have a message that is original, totally me AND pulling me in the direction of the bigger vision I have for my life and biz. This is priceless!

I feel liberated from the corporate speak I had cornered myself into. You gave me permission — and a platform — to be ME.”
Gina Bell, Visibility + Catalyst Marketing Coach for Rebel’preneurs on the Rise


“I just had my superfantastically amazing VELOCITY session with the superfantastically amazing Alexandra Franzen. I’m still kind of just standing here, blinking. Like, wow. IT’S LIKE A HURRICANE OF SWEET, DELICIOUS CLARITY SWEPT THROUGH MY WEBSITE.

She heard my inarticulate ramblings and found the little nuggets of gold and drew them out into the most amazing story. I’m soaking up the deliciousness of it all … like a big, long sigh of relief.”
—Andrea Schroeder, Founder | The Creative Magic Academy


“WOW!! Now I know what doing speed must be like. I’m addicted. You were able to crystallize copy in the span of 3 hours that I had been hemming and hawing on for 3 months. YOU ARE MY SHERO. Talk about Heartstorming. VELOCITY is the closest thing to the speed of light in the world of entrepreneurs. LOVELOVELOVE. Thank YOU.”
—Tracy Lee Jones, Founder | The Feminine Business Model


“I was only 90 minutes into my VELOCITY session with Alex, and I already felt like my head was going to explode — in an awesome way, of course. This was so fantastic. YOU ARE SERIOUSLY LIKE MAGIC. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES.”
Nailah Blades, Life Purpose Coach + Speaker


“You know when you are so excited and ‘sold’ on something but you just can’t find the right words to convey how great it is to someone else? Alex is a genius when it comes to articulating a message that convinces, converts + delights.

Often, my branding clients know the right words ‘when they hear them’ but something gets lost in translation between thoughts and the page: they just can’t seem to find a fresh, new way to describe what they do. It’s frustrating because you just can’t capture the essence of what you want to say in a way that inspires and excites. But ALEX TURNS MUNDANE WORDS INTO MAGIC, CASTING A SPELL SO THAT THE AUDIENCE’S HEARTS ACTUALLY BEAT A LITTLE FASTER, THEIR EYES LIGHT UP AND NOD THEIR HEADS SAYING, ‘YEAH! I WANT SOME OF THAT!’

If you are stuck sounding like everyone else or thinking, ‘there is no way I can possibly make this product / service / cause / event / website / brochure / ad sound interesting,’ hurry up and hire Alex.”
—Maria Ross, Principal + Chief Brand Strategist, Red Slice


“The best investment I’ve made in my business thus far. Alexandra cleaned up, clarified and then composed my ideas into a perfect representation of me. SHE OVER-DELIVERED ON HER PROMISES AND THE HOURS I SPENT WITH HER ON THE PHONE WILL ALWAYS HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART.

I’m filled with gratitude to Alexandra for the phenomenal care she took crafting my message.
I can’t say thank you enough!”
—Kelly Meerbott, Transformational Coach for Executive Leaders | Creator of


“My inner perfectionist was bringing out my inner procrastinator, hence … nothing was getting written for my new website and I needed HELP!

Alex helped shape all my ideas + offerings into short, clever + concise words. I was struck by her patience and compassion, as she listened to all of my thoughts, and lovingly polished till the language felt juuuuust right for me and my audience. Absolutely everything was covered. She’s a true JOY!”
—Joy Rigberg, Addiction Recovery + Life Coach | Creator of Next Step Recovery Coaching


“I began my VELOCITY date with fragments of scattered ideas, wondering how I was going to make sense of everything.

I left my VELOCITY date with a kickass biz name, fresh ideas + sturdy language, upon which I am building my magical dream.

If you are looking for twinkling, magnanimous talent, find a way to collaborate with Alex … and fast. She’s a lightening bolt … yeezow!”
—Jenny Howard | Kitchen + Garden Alchemist | Creator of The Soul Sprout Studio


“I had just started my business and knew that I wanted a strong online presence. I was too ‘in my head’ to write all the copy myself — I just couldn’t seem to get it right.

Working with Alex was like … falling in love with myself. It was like reading words written by the highest version of myself — it had the exact tone and quirkiness that I was looking for, and yet it felt SO totally like ME.

She was able to really hone in on who I am, what I’m all about, and help me see my gifts more clearly. My session was over 8 months ago, and I still go back to my VELOCITY notes for inspiration when I’m writing blog posts or posting little tweetables. THANK YOU!”
—Rebecca Tracey | Life-switch Provocateur | Creator of The Uncaged Life


“Holy sh*t shizam. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You completely rocked my world today. I walked earlier to get an iced tea and honestly, I was floating, beaming, glowing. It’s all becoming so real. THANK YOU FOR REPRESENTING AND CHANNELING THE HEART OF MY WORK SO BEAUTIFULLY. FLIPPIN’ VALUABLE.”
—KC Baker, On-stage + on-camera public speaking coach | Founder, The School for the Well-spoken Woman


“When I saw Alexandra’s sassy writing skills at Selling Your Soul in New York, I knew she was the chosen one. I wanted a writer who could jump right in and work some magic. Alexandra gets it. I loved the instant gratification of all the awesome copy she conjured up for The Tasteful Life. SHE’S GOTTA BE PART PSYCHIC, TOO, because her ideas were so in tune with what I had been thinking! She was able to bring them to life and turn them into actionable items.”
—Marla Treviño, Founder, The Tasteful Life


“When I work with my clients, I am rarely at a loss of words as they often come as a ticker-tape stream of consciousness. But when it comes to marketing my business or talking about myself, I become suddenly awkward and frozen — like a deer in the headlights. (It’s partly because I am actually really shy.)

This left me with a website that was ho-hum and lacking in (my) personality. SO WHAT’S A GOOD TAROT READER TO DO? HIRE THE BEST DAMN WRITER I COULD FIND to pull the words out and bring the best me forward.
And the only person who fit my criteria was Alexandra Franzen.

Alexandra took time to really listen to me and get a flavor of who I was, and then she took that information and quickly produced the most amazing, beautiful webcopy for my site along with some ideas for really cool products.

Alexandra works fast (I like to say that she is a ‘writing machine’) and she cranks out a ton of stuff in short order. Her work is top-notch and most importantly — it is unique to the individual.

My site is now going to reflect me — only better. If you want a super-groovy mega-talent to add flair to your writing and fix your site, you need look no further than Alexandra. SHE’S A WORD GODDESS!”
—Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady


(Lots) more sparkling praise, just around the bend …