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YOU’RE GOING TO SURVIVE will be released online — and in bookstores everywhere — on December 15, 2017.

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YOU’RE GOING TO SURVIVE is a book about how to deal with stressful stuff in your career — projects that flop, negative reviews, online bullies, financial slumps, criticism and rejection — all of those “Who am I? What’s the point of my work? What am I doing with my life?” moments.

When you’re having a tough day… open this book and read until you feel better.

Inside, you’ll find inspiring stories from all kinds of people — from authors, chefs, lawyers, designers, musicians, business consultants, non-profit directors, and more — each describing one of the worst moments in their entire career, and how they got through it.

Each chapter is filled with honesty, humor, advice, and encouragement to help you stay motivated, keep marching forward, and never give up.

The book has been called “Your new best friend on a bad day,” and “A must-read book for anyone with an ambitious career dream,” and “Encouraging, comforting, and uplifting, with just the right amount of get-up-and-do-it motivation.”

Pre-order now — or check your local bookstore for YOU’RE GOING TO SURVIVE in December 2017.


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Alexandra Franzen is a writer, consultant, and entrepreneur based in Portland, Oregon. Her writing has been featured in places like Time, Forbes, Newsweek, The Huffington Post, and Lifehacker, and she’s been mentioned in places like You’re The Boss! The New York Times Small Business Blog, The Atlantic, and Inc.

She writes about creativity, productivity, communication, goal-setting, and how to deal with adversity in your life and career — negative reviews, projects that don’t pan out, all kinds of painful moments that can rattle your self-esteem — and how to keep marching forward, no matter what.

Alexandra’s latest book, YOU’RE GOING TO SURVIVE, is a collection of true stories from people who’ve endured soul-crushing moments in their careers — failure, rejection, disappointment, public humiliation — and how they got through it, and how you will too.

You can find all of Alexandra’s current projects at: