GET IT DONE! Three-day productivity session. Online. Participate from anywhere in the world. Any city. Any time zone.


As 2018 comes to an end, are you feeling slightly overwhelmed by your to-do list?

Do you still have a lot of things you were hoping to accomplish this year—but you haven’t quite gotten around to them yet?

Maybe you have a bunch of “loose ends” that still need to be tied up?

Like, you know…

* You still owe “one more little thing” to that one client.

* You’ve got a stack of emails that need to be answered.

* You’ve been meaning to outline your next book.

* Your office desperately needs to be de-cluttered.

* There’s a grant application you’ve been intending to fill out.

* You need to sit down and figure out your business plan for 2019.

* You need to send “thank you” cards to twenty different people who’ve supported you this year.

* You need to email a couple of potential clients and invite them to hire you and you’ve been stallllllllling big time.

Or maybe all of the above?

If you want to tie up a bunch of loose ends—and finish 2018 with a big burst of productivity—join me for: Get It Done!

Get It Done! is happening December 3, 4, and 5, 2018. Virtual / online / interactive experience. You can sign up and participate from anywhere in the world. Any city. Any time zone. All ages. All humans: welcome.


​​​​​​​Get It Done!

Three-day productivity session. Online. December 3, 4, and 5, 2018

Here’s how it’s going to roll…

* You, me, and a bunch of other cool people will have a Zoom meeting at 7am Hawaii / 9am Pacific / 11am Central / 12pm Eastern / 5pm UK each day. Live-streaming video. Attend live if you can. Or watch the recording later.

* During our daily Zoom meeting, I’ll share an inspiring story and some mindset / productivity tips to get you feeling energized and uplifted and ready to WORK!

* Then you’ll write down your tiny goals (aka: realistic, doable, sane goals) for the day.

* Then you’ll email your goals for the day directly to me.

* Then you’ll get to work. Go go go! Get it done! Work away for the next hour, the next two hours, the whole day, whatever amount of time you want to do.

* Before bedtime, you’ll email me a list of what you’ve completed. Victory!

* Throughout each day, I’ll send music playlists, audio pep talks, and surprises to keep you motivated and focused.

* Special prizes (chocolate, coffee, books, etc.) will be awarded to people who complete all of their tiny goals!

Clear distractions. Get important work done. Feel proud and accomplished. Create peace of mind. Clear your docket so you can move into 2019 feeling GREAT! No! More! Loose! Ends!

It’s $150 to participate in this three-day productivity session. Sign up here. 

See you there!

PS. Really, really tight on funds? Definitely can’t afford this? No worries at all. Here’s some free inspiration for you: Please help yourself to this free Tiny Goal worksheet… read this article about the joy of tiny goals and tiny projects… listen to this inspiring true story about patiently saving up cash to make your dreams a reality… if you’re self-employed, you might enjoy this free e-book I wrote on how to get more clients… and if you’re a wordsmith, you might enjoy this list of 50 ways to make money as a writer. I hope that helps you out!

PPS. Do you work for a middle school, high school, or college? Do you think your students would enjoy participating in Get It Done! to work on their homework, essays, applications, art projects, activism projects, fundraising, or something else? If so, send an email to and I’ll get you and your students enrolled for FREE. Teachers are ANGELS from HEAVEN and I’d love to support you in any way that I can.