grief // catharsis


Tired of waiting? Great. Start creating.

    A few moments ago, I finished up a writing project for one of my clients — some saucy language to announce the pilot episode of her brand new TV show, which is bursting into the world in, like, minutes. My clients launch things all the time — shows, books, digital programs, product lines….

To Fred, with love.

    Yesterday marked the anniversary of the passing of one of my heroes: Fred Rogers, the creator + host of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. If you flipped on a TV set anytime between the years of 1968 and 2001, you’re probably familiar with ol’ Fred — his signature red cardigan sweater, his puppets, his songs,…

My new “code of conduct” for writing, working + navigating the world. (psst. it’s powered by yoga.)

    I live by a code of my own creation. That code is never perfect, but always progressing. (Kinda like me.) The latest iteration = the 10 yamas + niyamas of yoga, applied to my writing + work. A set of 10 guidelines for treating myself + others. A manifesto, of sorts. (Like my…


Do not read this if you enjoy clinging to excuses that prevent you from making art, moving forward + doing wonderful things.

    You’ve got a dream. To write something. Paint something. Teach something. Build something. DO something.   And then you’ve got … excuses. “I can’t do _________ because I’m so busy with _________.” Or: “I can’t do _________ because first, I need _________.”   But after reading the next 500-ish words, you will not….

The 2014 tour. 3 countries. 12 cities. 16 dates. Let’s roll!                 Write Yourself Into Motion is a workshop for people who want writing to feel simple, focused, dynamic and fun.   From aspiring poets to bestselling authors … from English majors to UN peacemakers … from lawyers…