[Fundraiser] How to Inspire People to Listen, Care, and Act.

When tragic things happen, it’s so easy for people to become numb, hopeless, overwhelmed, and tune out.

So, how can you use your words–emails, social media posts, conversations–to inspire people to act?

What are some ways to do this?

Attend this fundraiser / donation-based writing class: How to Inspire People to Listen, Care, Take Action, and Change the World..

Learn how to become a more powerful communicator, and how to move people from apathy into action.

You’ll walk away from this class with clear ideas that you can put into your writing and conversations immediately.

This class is a fundraiser for Black Lives Matter, the Minnesota Freedom Fund, and other organizations dedicated to ending violence and racism, and to those promoting equality, justice, and safety for minority communities. 100% goes to these organizations.