A story of synchronicity (and my very first ART sale!)


Sometimes, it can be so easy.

“It” being: making art, melding minds, moving your vision forward.

Last year, I got a friendly missive from an artist named Kent Youngstrom — a man of faith, and a man of action. He wanted to see if I’d help him promote his acrylic painting collection (and upcoming holiday sale.)

I scoped out his work. Instant resonance. Loved it. Sure thing. Done.

A few months later, Kent popped back into my world. He wrote:

“I want to work with you. On something. Anything. I know you’re busy and booked. So am I.
(I already have over 600 paintings ordered for this year.) Your work rocks — you’re taking off. So am I. Let’s fly higher.”

(Now THAT’S a classy pitch letter, if I ever saw one.)

We chatted, mused, and decided to collaborate on a line of wall art. He asked for a few inspiring words ‘n phrases to use, for a new line of paintings. I prowled around my archives & plucked out a few declarations that felt shimmery & smart. (Took about ten minutes.)

A few months later, Kent wrote back. The paintings were done. And — hello! — they’re gonna be sold on Fab.com, one of the leading modern art & design shopping platforms in the world, with millions of fans. Like, immediately.

Wow. Just like that, huh?

Here are a few of the pieces:



The moral of the story is: if it seems too good to be true, you’re probably right.

Then again … if it seems perfectly elegant & easy, don’t question synchronicity.


P.S. If you live in Europe, you can buy one of these gorgeous works on Fab Euro on April 7 (that’s this Sunday! Bookmark the site & pop back, then.) US folks, your sale date is May 27. Happy shopping & adorning!

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Love the story and the art. Definitely want to order one for my new home office.

Wow – that’s great, Alex. Just shows how magic can happen when you feel something is right and you just step up and go for it. I love the picture that says, ‘No one on earth can do what you do, precisely the way you do it.’ We all need to remember that one!

ALISSA :: YES! I am totally gonna order one, too! And it sounds like the prints will be pretty affordable — like $40. :)

LEDA :: Indeed! It’s so validating to have a strong instinct, roll with it, and wind up with something beautiful to show for it. (Kent is so talented, no?)

Alexandra Franzen on Apr 5, 2013 Reply

Congratulations! This is utterly incredible.

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