For all my lovely yoga teachers & studio owners:
7 ludicrously-fun ways to promote your classes
(no “press release” required).

In 10 days, I’ll be teaching a one-of-a-kind writing & marketing workshop, especially for yoga teachers.

And guess who else is teaching with me? You may’ve seen her in VOGUE magazine. That’s right. It’s Anna Guest-Jelley, founder of Curvy Yoga. Whaaat? I know. This is my real life.

But enough about that awesomeness. Onto the business o’ the day … filling. yo’. yoga. classes. like. crazy.

Now, before all you non-yogi-people go scuffling off in a storm cloud of fury: yes, these tips are geared towards yoga teachers & studio owners, but they’re applicable for just about every entrepreneur under the sun.

So don’t scoot away, just yet. Just swap out the word “yoga” for “your-passion-here.” And … proceed!

7 ludicrously-fun ways to promote your classes:


❤ Send an email blast to your friends & family …

… but instead of making a Big, Resentment-Inducing Request, just invite them to a yoga-party. No biggie.

“Amigos! You know I’m completely obsessed with yoga. And you might be wondering, uh, like, what’s the big deal?

Well … I’d love to show you. Saturday night. 7pm. Bring $10 and a bottle of wine (for later). No supernatural-stretchiness required.”


❤ Post an announcement. But make it a Love Letter.

Writing an announcement about your spring line-up of classes? Screw the sales pitch and just write a genuine, straight-from-the-heart Love Letter. (Here’s how it’s done.)

Waaay more effective. And waaay more fun.


❤ Celebrate world premieres, anniversaries & milestones!

Teaching a new class for the very first time? Or maybe the 52nd, 100th or 365th time? You’ve got a perfect excuse to do something memorable & marvelous. It’s a special occasion, after all!

Live music? Tea? Snacks? Surprise guests? A poetry jam? Fashion show? Costume contest? Photo shoot? Tastefully-draped nudity? Sky’s the limit!


❤ Pin up posters & flyers at local businesses.

Or … better yet: design a digital poster in just-two-clicks using

You can transform a personal mantra or quote (“I like sweat!” or “The teacher in me is freakin’ stoked about the teacher in you!”) into an inspiring, Pinterest-friendly design.


❤ Do yoga in non-yogi places.

That grassy park next to the lake? The public square in the center of town? Inside your local library, between the bookshelves?
In a not-so-crowded nightclub, on the dance floor?

With a little advance planning (and in some cases, written permission) you can stage a yoga class just about anywhere. The more people who stop & gawk & snap photos & tweet ‘em, the better.

Keep postcards handy — you’re recruiting new students, guerilla-style!


❤ Pitch a story to the local media.

Just remember: look for an angle that makes your class timely & newsworthy.

: Is it a fresh spin on yoga that people haven’t seen before?

: Are you doing a class or event that’s tied into an upcoming holiday?

: Does your class “solve a problem” that’s on everyone’s minds, right now? (Like: Boosting your immune system for flu season, de-stressing your body & mind before tax-time, staying positive through the tail-end of winter.)

: Is there a clever way you can use cultural trends to reframe your class? (Like: “Tantric yoga for couples: better than Fifty Shades of Grey?”)


❤ Create a rewards program for superstar students.

Chocolate works. Always. Or, try somethin’ like …

: Take 10 classes in 10 weeks, and get a free hug! (And a copy of my new e-book!)

: Bring a friend to class, and receive 3 free classes when they sign up for a month-long package.

: It’s our one-year yoga-versary! Have a chai latte. On me.


P.S. If these tips got you all twisted up in a bundle of excitement (like Eagle Pose, but inside your BRAIN) … you’re going to love my upcoming workshop for yoga teachers: YORIGINALITY.

It’s a virtual experience — you can sign up & join in from anywhere on the planet. No crazy-pressure, butttt … early-bird registration ends on Friday. There. I said it. Have at it.

Your turn, yogis! How do you fill your classes — and keep students comin’ back for more?



You are officially a mind reader. A heart reader!

I created a survey asking my students what kind of classes/workshops they will like to see from me. This is how I filled my workshops and have lots of success.

Yoli on Feb 21, 2013 Reply

Love this. Can feel your energy! Thank you for sharing. Just what I needed today! xxxx

Maria on Feb 21, 2013 Reply

<3 this, and You, and Yogis.

I had a yoga center for 8 years with a fab business partner (who was an ex belly dancer with a troupe). Our fave thing was Moroccan Tea Parties! … Mint tea, snacks (like orange slices sprinkled with cinnamon), pillows on the studio floor, belly dancers with zils for everyone, music, tarot readings in one room, henna tattoos (that was my job)… So much fun that after a few that were Girls Only we had to make them co-ed… then the Fire Marshall came. :D
Anyway, the night was free – except for readings or tattoos – and then we would would offer a discount for sign ups for classes that night.

Hi Alex! Love you and your work! I’m actually a Zumba instructor, but I think the workshop might be quite applicable to what I do. Are you open to having a Zumba chica in the house?

Loved recite this – didn’t know about that site at all. It’s awesome! Thank you!

Not a yoga instructor, but this was amazing and inspirational. Thanks for the hookup.

Great thoughts! I am doing a skincare workshop and for the first time had to fill it entirely on my own. I am proud to say I am nearly 100% full!!
As I enjoy a little graphics action I made a really nice original flyer image – took a whole night but so very worth it, I wanted something eye catching that conveyed the right vibe. I then posted it locally in cafes, announced it publicly on Facebook, sent direct invites to local news editors and bloggers, ran a raffle on Facebook for several of the slots, and sent it out to my newsletter subscribers. I got a little action from almost every route, but the newsletter seems to have prompted the most response as I have some responsive subscribers. I am hoping the media folks will post about the first event, helping me fill the second one.
These are great suggestions and I will pass on to my yoga contacts in town.
Of course, you’re not in St. Louis but the links to my events are here:
And the second one on 3/16 is here:
As always, love what you’re up to Alexandra! If I’m every doing an event near you I’ll be popping an invite your direction. ;)

Alex, I have been doing ALL of these things for two years, but my classes are still not full. What do you suggest?

Yoga Flash Mobs!! I live in a super-duper small town right next to the Villages {like Disneyland for retirees} + I organized a yoga flash mob during one of the liquor-soaked retiree madness that happens there on a daily basis. It was totally hilarious + really fun {+ I think some of them even put down their drinks to clap a little!}.

we do this for yoga studios just pop up and support and thank them for existing….

Any yoga teachers or entrepreneur that follow your fresh creative advice are sure to be amazingly successful.

YOU ARE A LOVELY LEGAL DRUG! love your posts and fell in love with recite. so cool. tons & tons of big hug TXS!

BARBARA :: Aw, shucks! I do what I can.

YOLI :: Surveys = brilliant. So often, we forget to simply ask our people what they WANT!

MARIA :: You are most welcome.

LISA SARICK :: I want to come to that tea party, NOW.

KRISTYN :: Hmm! Good question. YORIGINALITY is going to be strongly-geared towards yoga instructors, but a lot of the lessons will be universally-applicable. It’s really up to you. If you DO choose to join us, just mentally replace the word “yoga” with “Zumba,” throughout the day. ;)

JULIE :: Mega congrats! Beautiful work.

DIANNA :: It’s hard for me to make a ‘diagnosis’ without knowing anything about you or your particular flavor of yoga-teaching. But … my universal advice would be:

1. Keep going. Don’t give up, yet. And also …

2. Examine the parts of your business (and marketing strategy) that make you feel heavy & resentful. What would happen if you stopped putting energy into those things, and tried something easier, simpler … and new?

KELLIE :: Flash mobs make the world go ’round.

Alexandra Franzen on Feb 24, 2013 Reply

THANK YOU! I had ZERO students at my class last night and it’s made my day feel a little low. But you just filled it to the brim!! Thank you for your encouragement and ZEST. I’m sooooo on these things!!

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