… is a live workshop for writers, artists, coaches, entrepreneurs + stretchy-minded kindred spirits.

On the surface, it’s about copywriting + business strategy.

But really? It’s about using the written word to remember who you are + reveal who you’re becoming.


My promise?

ϟ You will craft a ‘personal introduction’ that makes sense. To you. And to everyone else in the room. Hallelujah!

ϟ You will walk away with a one-page declaration of who you are + why your work matters. Sweet simplicity.

ϟ You will explore 10 different ways to finish writing your bio. Once + for all. Ahhh. Relief.

ϟ You will learn how to write a ‘sales page’ that feels more like a love letter. At last.

ϟ You will sketch out a pitch letter that you’re (actually) excited to send. Yes!

ϟ And you will be heard, seen + witnessed by people who get it. Word.



This workshop = more than the sum of its parts.

It’s a powerful (yet peaceful) combustion of creative energy — the kind that happens when 20 beautiful strangers collide.

It’s about your work, your word and your mark on the world.

And I can’t wait to share it, with you.




The finer points …

Registration is (usually) priced at $450, and includes two full days of wordsmithery with me + 20 new friends.

Plus: a lovely lunch each day, coffee, tea, chocolate + fruit up the wazoo — and love, love, crazy love.

Your registration does not include airfare, hotel accommodation, lap dances, or the ability to levitate. (But I’m working on it.)

Many workshops feature special guests + surprises — like Kirtan chant performances, yoga instruction, 5 Rhythms dance, and more. You’ll also hear me sing. (This may or may not be a good thing.)

You will write. A lot. Bring pens. Bring your laptop. Prime your mind.

And get ready to prove (to yourself) that clear, persuasive storytelling can be astonishingly simple.


FUTURE dates …

ϟ The Big Island, Hawaii : December 7 – 11, 2013 {sold out!}

To drop your name on the just-in-case waiting list, click here.


RECENT dates …

ϟ Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia : Nov 1 – 3, 2013

ϟ The Bay Area, California : October 11, 2013 {special one-day event}

ϟ The Bay Area, California : October 13, 2013 {special one-day event}

ϟ New York City, New York : October 3 + 4, 2013

ϟ Washington DC : September 28 + 29, 2013

ϟ Los Angeles, California : September 7 + 8, 2013

ϟ Portland, Oregon : August 24 + 25, 2013

ϟ Portland, Oregon : August 17 + 18, 2013

ϟ Minneapolis, Minnesota : June 22 + 23, 2013

ϟ Los Angeles, California : May 25 + 26, 2013

ϟ New York City, New York : April 13 + 14, 2013

ϟ Alameda, California : December 15 + 16, 2012

ϟ Alameda, California : December 8 + 9, 2012

Thanks for the memories.





PRAISE for my teaching + speaking …


“To work with Alexandra Franzen is to know her genius, her speed and her incredible ability to see who you are and celebrate it. (Then, she magically translates this into fluorescent words + copy).

Write Yourself Into Motion was seeing a bit of the method to her madness. I learned how to talk about my work in an empowered + enticing way, own my own genius, and to write powerful copy that inspires.

Not only did I leave with the sketch of a juicy project, I left with my soul furniture rearranged.”

–Andrea Scher, Creator of Superhero Life


“I wanted to sincerely thank you for bringing your amazing, gorgeous self in front of all of us + for sharing your wisdom so beautifully.

You gently challenged us in all the appropriately uncomfortable ways, and sent us back into our everyday worlds as stronger people.

You are a force, Alexandra. What a wonderful, wonderful experience.”

Cynthia Haynes, Storyteller + Portrait Photographer


“Alex: you are the brightest light I’ve seen in a long time, and I was drawn to be in your space. Often, in my day-job, I feel like I’m a right-brain gal in a left-brain world. This weekend was a huge recalibration for me — a soul tune-up.

WRITE YOURSELF INTO MOTION connected me with other bright minds, gutsy ideas and inspirational energy. I feel my creative breath moving again … and I’ve got permission to live out loud!”
Kim Berube, Founder of Big Love For Girls At Risk


“A gift from the universe, Alexandra Franzen comes blasting into her workshops on a magical unicorn.

She delivers an unforgettable experience that forces you to dig deep, uproot, and redefine you + your business — in your own words.

You’ll craft bad-ass bios and majestic manifestos. And I guaran-damn-tee you’ll impress the pants off people the next time someone asks, ‘What do you do?’”

—Jenelle Montilone, Creator of TrashN2Tees + the Create Change App


“I’ve been teaching people to ‘see’ themselves from a new perspective for decades, and yet I’d never been fully invited to do it for myself. DUH! You really turned the mirror on me and I SAW!

Just after Write Yourself Into Motion, I wrote an email to my list re-announcing a workshop that was only half full. The email was cheeky, direct, artsy and confident — not stuffy in the slightest. And … the workshop filled in one hour … PLUS I have a waiting list that continues to grow … AND I had so many people on the waiting list that I created + filled a second date for the workshop. Now if that’s not motion, I don’t know what is.”

–Lisa Mitchell, Art Therapist + Founder of The Inner Canvas


“I wish Alexandra could have been my communication guide + personal scribe throughout all my early years — and that’s saying something, because I’m not too shabby with words, myself!

I’ve seen her in action, and she’s got a knack for inviting conversation, and then swooping in + refining what each student is trying to articulate … bringing it right out of them, on the spot.”

—Erika Lyremark, Business Coach | Creator of The Morning Whip


“You may know Alex Franzen as a brilliant writer, strategist and dispenser of panache-filled entrepreneurial wisdom. But she is so, so much more. Her secret is out … she’s an astonishingly gifted teacher.

Alex teaches with heart, humor and a storyteller’s dramatic flair. She knows so much about how to write brilliantly, cogently – about matching elegance of structure and form with depth and clarity of content.

And she has the rare ability of a true teacher to bring out the very best in her students. Her experiential, interactive exercises are perfectly designed to lead you to discover and express your own truth, in your own essential voice.

Embrace every opportunity to learn from her. You’ll be so very glad you did!

Hiro Boga, Intuitive Business Strategist | Creator of Become Your Own Business Adviser


“My favorite moment of the workshop? Honestly. I can’t pick one.

It was epic moment followed by epic moment followed by tears of joy followed by OH MY GOD WOW followed by overflowing love followed by blinding brilliance.

And I’m not just saying that. I experienced it. It was major.”

Rachel Cole, Instigator of Ease | Coach | Creator of The Well-Fed Woman Retreatshop series


“Alex: you inspire me to be my authentic self and to embrace my unique gifts.

Spending two days with you has sparked a brand new program for me to create next year. This one program has been waiting to be born, be named and have a shape. Not only did I leave the workshop with a new program to launch in 2013, but I have the structure to create a great sales page, a video and my elevator intro.

Best of all? I am now connected to 19 other amazing women. Thank you for stepping into teaching.”

Sherold Barr, Freedom Fighter + Master Coach


“Word shifting muse of awesome! Watching you deliver your workshop was like staring into the face of the sun — so much radiant brilliance it was almost painful (in the best way possible).

Your questions helped me unclutter my mental landscape and find the words that have been waiting for me.
Thank you is a pretty pitiful gift in return — you deserve showers of roses and chocolates and odes in praise of your loveliness.”

–Jessika Hepburn, Lead Editor | Oh My! Handmade Goodness


amydeagle“Alex: I am in utter awe of you and the ease and fluidity with which you can completely transform someone’s story into a captivating headline, an introduction that pulls others in, or the way people stand a little taller when they finally know how to answer the question ‘so what do you do?’.

Just being around your genius was incredible — and, you helped name my baby! I’m feeling inspired and ready to take on the world!”
Amy Deagle, Director of Expecting Success, Founder of The Rural Business Bombshells


“I came to this weekend with a new program in gestation. It had been in development for the last couple months, and I was getting ready to share it with the world. I just didn’t know the words to use — it felt so big, and too complicated to condense down into a simple, easy sales page.

After Alex’s workshop, not only did I leave with an outline for my sales page, but an updated bio, a 10-second introduction, an invitation to affiliates that is ready to be sent, and a re-ignited passion for the written word. In one weekend I moved from overwhelm to clarity in motion. Thank you.”

–Ariana Pritchett, creator of Simply Living Coaching


“I was in LOVE with the entirety of the workshop. I feel like I was thrown into a blender, put on high, and then poured out into a new mold that looks exactly like I did before, but completely shaken up.

And now: I’m really clear, and really sure of where I want to go, and I have this weekend — and YOU, YOU AMAZING WONDERFUL THING THAT I WANT TO PUT IN MY POCKET AND PULL OUT TO DO TRICKS ALL. THE. TIME — to thank.”

–Katy Werring, Aspiring writer | Amateur cellist | Lead blogstress at Velvet Boxes


“Dear Alexandra: You are a galaxy all your own. Thank you sooooo much for pouring out your GENIUS so freely and generously to all of us.

 For me, WRITE YOURSELF INTO MOTION was like getting everything I asked for, for Christmas — and then so many things I was afraid to hope for and then (!) a pile o’ magic gifts I didn’t even know existed!

The magic continues to work. I have an UnMasquerade Party booked. 25-ish invites went out on Thursday. And I rewrote 4 pages of my website effortlessly with the material you helped create at last weekend’s workshop. You have very powerful mojo and I am blessed to be basking in it still!

Oh, and before WRITE YOURSELF INTO MOTION the best way I knew how to express myself was: ‘I like cake.’ True story.
I’m working on a better word for LOVE, cause ‘I Love You, Alex’ (also a true story) doesn’t quite cut it here…”
Jennifer Washington, The What Now? Coach


“Since coming home from your workshop, I have been sharing on my Facebook page in a different, more transparent way. My posts are getting shared a lot more (10x more!) and I’m receiving comments and messages of appreciation. I know I am beginning to reach my ‘right people’ and sinking into my brand. There’s motion!

I feel grounded in my story and wisdom. Vulnerable + powerful. Its a beautiful thing! I feel like I’ve tapped into the secret ingredient my message needs to be memorable and inspiring. Thank you.”
Monica Fraser, Adventurer, Yogini + Practical Muse for Highly-Creative Women


“What I loved BEST about this workshop was the alchemy of ideas — how the weekend just bubbled and broiled and sizzled with new forms born out of old questions.

Alex was definitely our leader at the helm and Mad Hatter Scientist extraordinaire (Look ma! I’m not afraid to mix metaphors!) — she not only pulled just the phrase or brilliant idea out of her pocket at a moment’s notice, she also created a snowglobe of a space where we could all shake it up a bit and find some freedom of expression that may not have been available to us before.

I left with tons of energizing ideas AND some ready-to-go written promos. Oh, and you know what else I left with? Some new creative friends! Not too shabby, eh?”

–Sherry Richert Belul, Celebration Concierge + creator of Simply Celebrate


“Write Yourself Into Motion is truly one of the best workshops I have attended. You gave each and every one of us your undivided attention, and did so with joy and grace.

I loved watching your wheels turn — it was like watching a great improv performance.

You helped me tremendously and I am extremely grateful.”

Ellen Fondiler, Career Strategist + Transition Trailblazer


“Your connection to the profound creative wisdom flowing through you is crystal clear.

You’re changing lives with this work, and I’m so proud of you for owning your expressive awesomeness and serving the world with it in big, bold ways.”

Willo O’Brien, Artist, Entrepreneur + Social Supercollider


“Alexandra is a ridiculously talented writer, teacher, and spirit. When she guest lectures for my Clear Coaches program, the coaches RAVE and practically foam at the mouth with excitement with the content she delivers.”

Susan Hyatt, Martha Beck-certified Master Coach | Author of Create Your Own Luck: 7 Steps to Get Your Lucky On


“I go to ALX when I’m turning a corner. I go to ALX when I can’t see the corner, but am pretty sure there is one.
I trust ALX with my clients and with my own business.

I went on a journey with Alexandra and I came back a different person.

There’s a way in which she is available to her own vulnerability while she invites us to explore ours —
for good, not simple upheaval.

It’s a rare occasion to be in the company of a wordsmith and come out feeling more than, instead of less than, but I felt stronger, more clear and more articulate after three hours with Alexandra than I had in six months of grueling copywriting, biographical explorations and $79 Say-What-You-Really-Mean e-products.

Live sightings of Ms. Alexandra are as rare as unicorns. Tarry not. Register, fly / bus / hike / covered wagon your ass to her workshops, talks or performances. You will never be the same and you’ll thank your lucky stars you got schooled by Ms. ALX.”

—Dyana Valentine, Speaker | Oracle | Creator of Woke Up Knowing


“During Write Yourself Into Motion my business plan for 2013 exploded in a soulfully satisfying {and crazy successful} way. Two months after the workshop I released my Write Yourself Into Motion concept, content, and copy into the world and here’s what happened:

1. My event sold out in five days {eight months in advance!}
2. We raised enough money for 87 Kenyans to have access to clean fresh water
3. I had the best birthday celebration of my life

Watching Alex in motion and feeling myself rise up to join her is electrifying. I give her my highest level of recommendation.”

–Gemma Stone, Psychologist + Guide | Creator of The Great Life Redesign


All live workshop photos = taken by the marvelous Thea Coughlin.