The value of Vacation Mind.

When was the last time you heard someone say …

“Oh MAN! I just had the most INCREDIBLE idea and PRODUCTIVE creative experience, while sitting at my computer after a long, hard day of trying & thinking & typing!”

Or …

“You know that PROBLEM I’ve been trying to solve? The ANSWER totally came to me, like an EPIPHANY … while I was mindlessly checking my Twitter stream!”

Or …

“Dude! I am SO glad I decided NOT to take a month off to explore the castle ruins of Scotland … because I got some Very Important Email Answering done!”

I can tell you the last time I heard those phrases uttered. 199-NEVER. Ha.

So, friends. Lately, I’ve been testing out a new theory … a creativity mindset, if you will.

It’s a state of living & working where the boiler-cooker in your brain gets turrrrned down to a gentle simmer, and priorities get reshuffled, and obligations get reframed, and there’s a lot more coconut water & good music & movement.


It’s pretty simple to step into VACATION MIND. (No monk-level meditation required.)

Here’s how it works:

When you wake up in the morning, you tell yourself, “Hooray! I’m on vacation!” and then you go about your (usual) business.

And then when something arrives to interrupt your flow, you tell yourself, “It’s OK, I’m on vacation!” and then continue onward. (That’s it.)

Here’s what happens:

: You have (actual) epiphanies about why you’re on the planet & how to serve the people who need you.
: You walk through the snow & actually marvel at it, instead of texting mirthlessly whilst dodging black ice.
: You say YES to spontaneous yoga classes, and brunch dates, and leisurely phone calls with your mom.
: You actually taste your coffee & consider the morning news.
: Emails linger for a day or two or three longer than usual — and nobody dies, or even blinks.
: You gracefully extricate yourself from entanglements — and it feels good, and humane.
: You launch & host kickin’ fundraiser parties, just like that.
: You outline your next book. And then another one.
: You cook kale & bake pies & fluff pillows.
: You post letters to the president.
: You feel your way forward.
: You write a poem.

… because you’re on VACATION, after all!

And the counter-intuitive thing is, you still start what needs to be started, and finish what needs to be finished, and fulfill what needs to be fulfilled.

Because you’re not dead, and you’re not lazy, and you’re not burying your head in the sand. You’re just choosing to move through reality, differently.

When was the last time you experienced VACATION MIND? What happened?

What would you create this week, if you were on vacation?

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