The “It’s Not Rocket Science” Approach To Making Your Dreams Come True.


Over the past couple years, I’ve been asked a myriad variations of the same question: “How did you DO it?”

“It” being, “build a profitable business / create your dream lifestyle / become a professional writer / have such awesome hair.”

The truth? “It” takes talent + devotion — but it’s not rocket science, people. (Not that I know much about rockets. Although I used to fly helicopters … but I digress.)

Whatever your dream is — a sassy side business, a creatively-drenched career at a hot-cha-cha company, a beloved blog that you run from a treehouse in Bali, international speaking engagements, a luxury fragrance line – this is my final-ish word on the subject.

Do this stuff. In (mostly) this order.
With as much nerve + originality as you can muster.

1. BE VISIBLE. Get a website up ‘n running. It doesn’t have to be a work of art. It doesn’t have to be fancy-dancy. All it has to do is tell the world three things: Who you are + who you serve + why you’re called to do this work.

2. DO THE WORK. You want to be a writer? Start writing. You want to be a coach? Start coaching. You want to run a mobile luxury cupcake van? Start baking. Hone your chops. Build your muscles. Let it be playful + exploratory. The world is your laboratory.

3. UP THE ANTE. Revamp your website. Revamp your wardrobe. Revamp your diet, your sleep, your moisturizing routine. Start a blog, photo-diary, open-mic night or some form of public self-expression that feels inspiring.

4. THROW A PARTY! Hello, we’re talking about your DREAMS COMING TRUE! Your PURPOSE MADE MANIFEST! It’s magnificent!
Tell your inner circle about the grand adventure you’ve begun + invite them to celebrate with you. (They will — with gusto.)

5. POP INTO VIEW. Figure out where the people you want to play with are (already) hanging out. Make a list of all the clubs, yoga studios, blogs + magazines, anarchist potlucks, coffee shops, live events — and plug yourself into those communities.

6. BE BRAVE. Reach out to a mentor you’ve been ogling, for ages. Pitch a ballsy project to someone you’ve been aching to work with. Play with contemporaries at your level + higher. Open yourself up to rejection. Be vulnerable. Give yourself shivers.

7. DO THE WORK x INFINITY. With visible devotion — daily. Be consistent. Keep it simple. Under-promise + over-deliver.
Make good art. People will talk about you, and send attention + energy (and money) your way. I promise, I promise, I promise.

Your dream is delightfully do-able.
No rocket science, brain surgery or string theory required.



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I really needed this today. Thank you, Alexandra. You rock my world with your words.

Impeccable timing & well written, as always. Thanks for the thoughtful insights, encouragement, & inspiration!

Amber on Nov 14, 2012 Reply

Just what I needed : ) Thanks for the reminder!

Awesome. I like how you break down these very big ideas and dreams into doable steps.

Today I used your 4-step formula for how to explain what you do (from a guest post on Oh My Handmade Goodness) with a Chilean client who runs both a biotech startup and a cheese distribution company. Your open but straight-to-the-point questions helped us devise his brilliant new bio that focuses on his vision of cultivating a winning mentality in Chile. So good! Thank you.

Dear Alexandra,

You are on the absolute pulse of what so many people need to hear RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT.

I’ve been enjoying your work so much, sharing it with others and just silently singing your praises in my head. High time I actually shared how I feel with you, don’t you think?

Not that you haven’t heard it before but love being as valuable as it is I know it’s always worth sharing.

I join the many who value who you are and what you bring.

I send you tremendous waves of sincere appreciation.

May it expand your bounty and enhance your blissfulness.

J’adoooooore that you break it down into ‘chewable fun bites’ :-)

May I add s’il vous plaît:

8. take naps, meditate, play with puppies, move your body, cuddle with loved one and step away from the ‘work’ once in a while to gain clarity and dissolve overwhelm.

Yes yes and YES! I too get similar versions of this, except it’s “I could never do that too” or other self-selecting opt-out defeatist type stuff. But it’s totally true. One foot with nerve & verve, in front of the other. Thanks for this great rallying cry!

Hell yeah! Easy Peasy.

I’d also echo Divine Yoganista and add that radical self-care is a necessary step. Sleep, eat, and breathe well. Again, not rocket science, but something a lot of us (ahem, myself included) tend to forego in favor of all the “more productive” things we think we should be doing.

Amen to that!

You are phenomenal. Thanks for this – it’s EXACTLY what I needed to read today!

You’re pretty much my hero…so that “BE BRAVE” step? You’d be that mentor I’ve been oogling, so you just might hear from me again!

ALSO: your website is phenomenally designed…the floating shapes that scroll with you??? HOLY SMOKES GENIUS.

Sending you a bucket of confetti to party in. :)

This is so inspiring. Now if only I knew what my life’s purpose was!!!

Fantastic! Thank you Alexandra! Exactly what I needed, I love your meaty and to-the-point list :-)

Cool schtuff: @Alex_Franzen ‘s “It’s Not Rocket Science” Approach to Making Your Dreams Come True.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Thank you Alex. For always breaking it down to what’s simple and true. I’m in the throws of creation and this all rings so true. And puts my soul at ease.
And now . . .I think it’s time to throw myself a party! Woot!

I wanna come to your party Steph!

Gaaaaah! Yesssss! High five from all the way over in the 651 <3

The “It’s Not Rocket Science” Approach To Making Your Dreams Come True via @alex_franzen @yesandyes

You serve deliciously. Thank you. Mahalo. Salamat.

(see ya in Oakland!). Excited.

aw, but string theory is my favourite theory!


ELISE: I accept your bucket of confetti!

STEPHANIE WATANABE: I think you should throw an Official Girl Who Knows Party every MONTH.

PAUL: You are still allowed to love string theory (don’t we all!)

Alexandra Franzen on Nov 15, 2012 Reply

Everyone knows that the universe is way cooler with strings than loops. I mean, for reals.

(Side note: hot new digs, you.)

There @alex_franzen goes, being a genius again:

Do you know what I love most about this list? It’s original! Just the thing to dust off my dreams and get back to living them.

“Your dream is delightfully do-able”: via @alex_franzen

Loving your blog, Alex. So glad I’ve discovered you. I’m in the process of a big brand/website/general appearance revamp so smiled to see that included on your list :)

I sooo needed to hear this today. Thanks, Alex.

Yes! Do this! The “It’s Not Rocket Science” Approach To Making Your Dreams Come True from @Alex_Franzen

Thank you, thank you, thank you – I’m sharing this with my brother!

Dream + Plan+ Live good reading!

I’m printing this out and laminating it!

But I would add one thing to this list. Dive deep to discover the words and phrases that can best communicate your dream/purpose/work to others. For when you do, all those other steps will yield yummy results

Best. Advice. Ever!

Nancy Brook on Nov 17, 2012 Reply

YAY YAY YAY!! “I guess you’re just what I needed!!” ~The Cars.
THANK YOU for this! Perfecto timing, as is the usual with you, magical wonder!!

Such a great article! I’m trying!

Everyone should read this. #motivation #inspiration #werk

I thank god for introducing you to me ,and thank you for sharing with many who need your encouraging words,which works wonders!!!!!!!

This provided me the surge of energy and realignment to fundamental truths to spur forward in my efforts to raise funds for my dreams.

Love this! Found you through Kelly Rae Roberts blog! :)

Thanks for the fun pep-talk.


I can’t believe how perfect this is for me today; it’s singing in every cell of my being!!

I’m daring myself to become more visible and up the ante with my hustle, and what do I see but brain jolts in the same vein???

Thank you for penning this because it came to me again at just the right moment and I’m so glad I linked to it in my lesson for The Live Raw, Fiery, & BOLD Academy.

You are in my Shero Hall of Fame! :D

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