The “it’s not rocket science” approach to making your dreams come true.

Over the past couple years, I’ve been asked a myriad variations of the same question: “How did you DO it?”

“It” being, “build a profitable business / create your dream lifestyle / become a professional writer / have such awesome hair.”

The truth? “It” takes talent and devotion — but it’s not rocket science, people. (Not that I know much about rockets. Although I used to fly helicopters … but I digress.)

Whatever your dream is — a sassy side business, a creatively-drenched career at a hot-cha-cha company, a beloved blog that you run from a treehouse in Bali, international speaking engagements, a luxury fragrance line — this is my final-ish word on the subject.

Do this stuff. In (mostly) this order.
With as much nerve and originality as you can muster.

1. BE VISIBLE. Get a website up ‘n running. It doesn’t have to be a work of art. It doesn’t have to be fancy-dancy. All it has to do is tell the world three things: Who you are and who you serve and why you’re called to do this work.

2. DO THE WORK. You want to be a writer? Start writing. You want to be a coach? Start coaching. You want to run a mobile luxury cupcake van? Start baking. Hone your chops. Build your muscles. Let it be playful and exploratory. The world is your laboratory.

3. UP THE ANTE. Revamp your website. Revamp your wardrobe. Revamp your diet, your sleep, your moisturizing routine. Start a blog, photo-diary, open-mic night or some form of public self-expression that feels inspiring.

4. THROW A PARTY! Hello, we’re talking about your DREAMS COMING TRUE! Your PURPOSE MADE MANIFEST! It’s magnificent!
Tell your inner circle about the grand adventure you’ve begun and invite them to celebrate with you. (They will — with gusto.)

5. POP INTO VIEW. Figure out where the people you want to play with are (already) hanging out. Make a list of all the clubs, yoga studios, blogs and magazines, anarchist potlucks, coffee shops, live events — and plug yourself into those communities.

6. BE BRAVE. Reach out to a mentor you’ve been ogling, for ages. Pitch a ballsy project to someone you’ve been aching to work with. Play with contemporaries at your level and higher. Open yourself up to rejection. Be vulnerable. Give yourself shivers.

7. DO THE WORK x INFINITY. With visible devotion — daily. Be consistent. Keep it simple. Under-promise and over-deliver.
Make good art. People will talk about you, and send attention and energy (and money) your way. I promise, I promise, I promise.

Your dream is delightfully do-able.

No rocket science, brain surgery or string theory required.

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