You are understood.


“Sorry, I’m babbling…”

“…I know, I’m rambling…”

“…Is this making any sense?”

After holding intimate conversations with hunnnndreds of artists, writers, entrepreneurs + big, brave thinkers — teachers + students, clients + friends — I’ve noticed a pattern.

When people attempt to talk about The Big Stuff — who they are, what they believe in,
and what they’re trying to add to the world — they (almost always) apologize for “babbling,” “rambling” or “not making sense.”

Sometimes they’re right. But usually … not.

Here’s why: we’re all terrified that we’re invisible + inconsequential + incoherent + that nobody “gets” us.

Happily, we’re all wrong.

I’m here to tell you … you are understood.

Not perfectly, not every single time, and perhaps not with the depth + complexity of understanding that you yearn for.
But you are understood. By me. By many. More than you know.

Keep talking. Keep writing. We get it.




She always knows just what to say. Thank you @alex_franzen! RT “Late-night musings: You are understood.”

You are understood. This post from @Alex_Franzen is sure to make you feel better about discussing your big ideas.

Love this. “You Are Understood” via @alex_franzen

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Love this reassuring message via @alex_franzen

You are understood. | Alexandra Franzen via @alex_franzen <-needed to hear this today! LOVE it.

“@Alex_Franzen: You. Yeah, you. Keep talking. Keep writing. We get it.” Awesomeness

Thank you. I needed that today. <3

LOL You just described every monologue I ever held about who I am and what I’m about. Thanks for the reminder that we’re all understood. Maybe being kinder and gentler to ourselves would help and just trusting that we’re not such a hot mess as we often tend to believe.

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