You are understood.

“Sorry, I’m babbling…”

“…I know, I’m rambling…”

“…Is this making any sense?”

After holding intimate conversations with hunnnndreds of artists, writers, entrepreneurs and big, brave thinkers — teachers and students, clients and friends — I’ve noticed a pattern.

When people attempt to talk about The Big Stuff — who they are, what they believe in,
and what they’re trying to add to the world — they (almost always) apologize for “babbling,” “rambling” or “not making sense.”

Sometimes they’re right. But usually … not.

Here’s why: we’re all terrified that we’re invisible and inconsequential and incoherent and that nobody “gets” us.

Happily, we’re all wrong.

I’m here to tell you … you are understood.

Not perfectly, not every single time, and perhaps not with the depth and complexity of understanding that you yearn for.
But you are understood. By me. By many. More than you know.

Keep talking. Keep writing. We get it.

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