Everything I know about MANIFESTATION, I learned from my MOM.


Get this:

My mom is a former opera singer (and mother of three) who currently runs a state-of-the-art performing arts center in Los Angeles — that she conceptualized, fundraise-erized and essentially built, from the ground up. On her own. With no prior “experience.”

HOW? With a triple-threat blend of charm, chutzpah & crazy manifestation.

My mom doesn’t bandy about words like “source energy” or “The Law of Attraction.”
Nor do I, for that matter.

But let me tell you — she is a MASTER of MANIFESTATION.

Everything I know about magnetizing money, opportunities, ideas & support — I learned from her.

And now — you can, too.

LESSON 1 :: Genuine ENTHUSIASM is highly infectious.

My mom is a MASTER of networking & fundraising.

She has A-List celebrities on speed-dial — and hob-nobs with some of the wealthiest & most influential people on the planet.
She seems to magnetize talent & support, wherever she goes.

WHY? Because she’s genuinely, fervently, outrageously passionate about bringing world-class performing arts programming to her community. That kind of enthusiasm cannot be faked — and it’s completely inspiring.

THE TAKEAWAY :: If you want people to rally for your cause, you’ve got to be vocally, visibly, viscerally JAZZED about it. Half-cocked cheerleading … simply doesn’t work.

LESSON 2 :: Magic & miracles happen when you PLAY.

My mom is a MASTER of “down-time.”

I’ve seen her craft some of the cruelest vacation auto-responders under the sun (“I’m surfing in Maui. Don’t bother me — your email WILL BE DELETED.”) But the fact is, the woman knows how to unplug — a miraculous feat, in these digital times.

She knows that when you detach from the daily grind, the real magic begins. (Lesson learned: I recently sold out a writing workshop in three hours flat, while strolling around the lake with — you guessed it — my mom.)

THE TAKEAWAY :: A watched pot never boils — and a watched inbox never fills (with awesomeness.)
Get AWAY from your desk, live your life — and make space for miracles to arrive.

LESSON 3 :: Be majestically SURPRISING.

My mom is a MASTER of elegant SHOCK & AWE.

There’s a legendary story about That One Time my mom had to persuade a room full of mildly-bored & slightly-cynical investors to back her project — that aforementioned performing arts center in LA.

Most fundraisers would have sidled up to the podium & volleyed into a dry-as-a-doornail explanation of the project. But my mom? She launched into an OPERATIC ARIA — cheekily adjusting the lyrics to include the names of key donors. Jaws dropped. Applause erupted. And the checks came a-rolling.

THE TAKEAWAY :: When you defy convention, you magnetize attention.

Trust me. Better yet — trust my mom.


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ENTHUSIASM! PLAY! SURPRISE! I am so for it. Your mom rocks, Alex. And anyone who writes about how much their mom rocks, also rocks.

You have one, cool mom. :)

Love all the advice.
I especially like the idea of keeping PLAY as part of our work practice.
We absolutely need to let go and loosen up in order to get the juices flowing.
Great ideas don’t grow in cubicles. They blossom in the Real World … when you’re Doing Stuff.

Great post. Thanks.

Exquisitely inspiring! I loved everything about this article. Thanks very much.

No wonder you got the creative-genius-gene… it’s in your blood.
I looove the down-time part. I so believe in it and yet, still have a hard time with it.
But, fear not, I am now off to hang on the front porch with my doggy, where I will hold my legs into the sun and read a novel.
Thanks Mom!

MINDFUL :: It’s true: I’ve got good DNA.

Alexandra Franzen on Sep 15, 2012 Reply

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