How to get NOTICED in the crowded, noisy, super-saturated + shamefully forgetful online universe.


Good LORD in heaven above, there’s a lot of NOISE out there!


Trying to get noticed online (or offline, for that matter) can feel damn-near impossible, at times.

You’re a quiet, kind-hearted little sprinkling of stardust, in a monstrous cacophony of chatter, demands, and ooh-new-shiny! offers.

So, what’s a highly-ambitious (but-not-shouty-and-gross) person to do?



Really. That’s it.

If everyone else is emailing … don’t email.
If everyone else is cold-calling … don’t call.
If everyone else is doing purple this season … bring back neon green.

Be strategically contrarian.

A few (real) examples from my life, to show you precisely what I mean:


Instead of emailing to ask if you can interview Fancy Blogger Lady for your blog, podcast or telesummit …

Send a bundle of colorful pens + a mysterious, Crayola-scribbled note with a link to a secret site, with all the fabulous interview details.

Instead of emailing to thank Cool Entrepreneur Chick for filling your inbox with inspiration …

Send a personalized postcard, with a picture of your stuffed teddy bear.

Instead of emailing to invite a potential mentor or creative partner to lunch …

Make a list of the top 100 people you want to wine + dine before you die. The next time your object of affection Googles themself
(as, ahem, they undoubtedly will) … they’ll find you.

Instead of writing a long, drawn out, tell-your-entire-life-story-and-a-half introduction to your philanthropic project …

Post one simple, powerful, impeccably designed video.

Instead of blasting out a mass email to your mailing list, to pitch a new service or package …

Reach out to a handful of dream-clients with an under-the-radar, deeply personal invitation.

“I created NEW THING XYZ with someone like you, in mind. Want in?”

Instead of emailing Sought-After Humanoid of the Moment to request a contribution for your e-book (in the hopes that they’ll, y’know, tweet about it later) …

Just QUOTE them in your book, and then write to simply say, “Thank you for being part of the inspiration behind”

To sum it up:



Make a bit of SPECTACLE.

When in doubt, err on the side of HAND-MADE, HIGH-STYLE, HEART-SPUN QUIRKDOM.

GIVE first. ASK later.

And whether you email, snail mail or send a smoke signal, keep your initial missive SHORRRRRT.

Seduce ‘em with your VISION + ENTHUSIASM. Save the logistics for later.

Invert expectations — and you’ll be golden.

Yes? Good. Go get noticed.



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Aw, thanks for the shout-out, lady! Can’t wait for wine & dine part deux.

And exactly what I needed to hear!

Thank you for your epic wisdom.

I wish I could write like you!

Thanks for this brilliant articled. This is very superb way of getting exposure. Love the unique idea on how to get noticed by the big fancy blogger. Will be trying this soon.

@Nicole Antoinette love your post too.

I loved this! You help me soooooo much!!!

Barbara on Aug 8, 2012 Reply

Superb! I’m consistently blown away by your generosity. Next tme you’re in NYC, can I treat you to yoga / bagels /best Greek food in town?

Dalia on Aug 8, 2012 Reply

NICOLE :: Meeeee too. December. I’ll be back.

DALIA :: Yoga AND Bagels? Um, YES!

Alexandra Franzen on Aug 8, 2012 Reply

You are amazing.

Good God! Thank you soo much for reminding me how easy it is to be simple. :)

TIFANIE :: Seriously … simple is where it’s AT.

Alexandra Franzen on Aug 9, 2012 Reply

Holy heck I should never have emailed you but instead sent a postcard with unicorns on to invite you to my $100 Change initiative!

Thanks for the inspiring post. I’m getting creative right now.

YES! Such cool ideas! I talked to someone at a seminar who told me that an intern actually sent their resume and cover letter on a CAKE to the office! That’s being different! haha. By the way, mentioned this post over at Actually Allie.

Awesome! If you do have time when you’re in NY, please shout. xo

Dalia on Aug 10, 2012 Reply

This goes into my bookmark folder just like that.

I think Charles Worth, Paul Poiret, Jeanne Lanvin, Leon Bakst, Erte and McQueen will be googling themselves anytime soon, but that will be a fun list to make nevertheless :) .

Thanks for the reminder that snail mail and creativity goes a long way. I sent a package of ginger cookies and a chuck norris “fact” book with a love note yesterday ;-)

I love this. I aim for whimsiquirkalicious. That’s my thing. With a sprinkling of inspiration, a misting of adventure, and a gut-full of truth…
Also, I think authenticity speaks loudly. When someone is writing authentically and wonderfully-achingly-truthfully, you can tell from a mile away. The opposite you can smell from a mile away.
Ms Franzen, this is my first visit to your blog, but it definitely won’t be the last.

Brilliant. My friend just sent me a link to your site. I loved your voice, your message, I’ll be reading this site all afternoon! I’m surrounded by creatives, all copying and elbowing each other…. its good to know that I’m OK being me.

Great ideas, girlfriend. Can’t stop browsing through your blog — so many bits of inspiration! Thank you!

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