Why I’m jaded — but not forever.


Admission: I’m feeling a bit . . . jaded.
And it’s not a good color on me.

I’m tired of watching emerging entrepreneurs flagellate themselves, because they’re not ‘as far along’ as they think they should be, or as their peers seem to be, or as their idols appear to be.

I’m tired of seeing the same ‘free reports!’ and ‘7-step guides!’ and ‘money-back guarantees!’ and ‘life-shifting programs!’ frothing & foaming across the ‘net, in near-identical permutations.

I’m tired of plagiarism. Laziness. And the grim root of all copy-cattery: the fear that one’s own ideas simply aren’t good enough.

I’m tired of tunnel-visioneering around minutia that won’t matter in 100 minutes, let alone 100 years — when there are projects like this that demand our attention.

I want to see: exquisite individuality. Poetry. OPINIONS. Your world — and your work — growing wild.

I recommend: that you unsubscribe from anything & everything that makes you feel small. That you snap your laptop shut and spend a week in the company of Art. That you call someone you’ve scorched, apologize profusely, and then make a short film about it. That you finish the memoir. That you find out who you’re becoming. That you sit still with your thoughts, well past the point of comfort or reason. That you find some new inspiration . . . in a broken-hearted conversation.

I recommend all these things triply, for myself.

And suddenly, I’m not feeling so jaded anymore.

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Reading this brought tears to my eyes because it’s what I’ve been thinking recently. Thank you for saying it out loud and reminding me that I’m not alone. And, since my birthday’s coming up I’ve decided to give myself two weeks unplugged as a gift :)

Oh, I agree with Sandi: this is just what I have been thinking, and hearing you say it out loud was such a relief. I am small and slow and quiet and gentle, this is who I am, this is what I have to give, my superpower, but sometimes in a business focused and extrovert infused space, that starts to feel like not enough, not right somehow. I am going to the World Domination Summit in July and the other day someone asked the Facebook group “If the summit is in fact the top of the mountain, what are you looking to accomplish by the time you get there in July?” and people were answering with all of this big, bling, flash, blam, and zoowie, and I caught myself thinking “who am I to go to such a thing?”–but I am slowly remembering, with the help of posts like this, that manifesting who I am is as big as I can get, as far as I can go, and that’s just right.

“End Sex Trafficking Day” is a project? What kind? Where? What do they mean by “sex traficking”? It is not at all obvious; it could be construed at least several different ways.

I go to that link and all I see is 4 words, a tweet link, a link back to the same page, and a request for money. Nothing else.

Where do they explain what they mean by “trafficking”? Where do they explain what they will do with the money? There is oblique mention of a book. What book? Is the project a “day” of organization and fellowship behind a cause, or is it the financing of a book? What?

I’ve seen a lack of detail before, but that’s just ridiculous. I am disinclined to support their “cause” because I don’t even know what it is, or how I would be supporting it.

Lonny Eachus on Mar 31, 2012 Reply

Sandi :: Sounds like a spectacular birthday gift!

Jill :: Just right, indeed.

And dearest Lonny . . .

End Sex Trafficking Day is a virtual event, led by the extraordinary Erin Giles.

If you watch the fabulous video on EndSexTraffickingDay.com, you’ll note that the event was inspired by the award-winning documentary Nefarious: Merchant of Souls — which exposes the inhumane ‘sex-tourism’ industry.

As the video goes on to explain, the event will be marked by the release of a community-driven book on Sept 26th — a collection of 60 essays on love, knowledge & freedom. The book will be sold as a fundraising initiative, in support of the Not For Sale Campaign.

The current call-to-action is to donate $25 or more, to cover the cost of printing, binding & shipping the books, this fall.

If you have any additional feedback, you can reach Erin at the email address listed on EndSexTraffickingDay.com.

It’s a powerful initiative, and I’m proud to be involved.

I hope that clears up any confusion. Have a marvelous day.

Alexandra Franzen on Mar 31, 2012 Reply

A big ditto of thanks
you read minds and hearts and so many i dare to say all of us,
connected as we are
how funny we strive and yearn and desire and try
and forget
the parts we are really here to do
and to be

thank you
for your truth and candor and
your open heart



Yes and amen! I was just feeling this. I was holding on to some connections and my inner-self asked why? It was a sobering moment of realizing the maybe I was manifesting this fear I have of not being enough by keeping a few people in my circles that pushed that not-enough button. No judgement on them, not something I needed to do though. In letting go I felt little freer. My art is coming back. My soul said this word to me today — “containHer” and a whole story came out from there.

So yes to this post! Much love and thanks :)

KAYE :: We forget all the time. Happy to serve as a reminder. For you. And myself.

JACQ :: Muah!

JEN :: So glad your art is coming back. Throw it a welcome home party.

Alexandra Franzen on Apr 2, 2012 Reply

when I started my online mentoring business last year I bucked like a bronco against ‘opt-ins’ and ‘5 steps to’….,I wanted people to read what I had to say and if it resonated, great, if it didn’t, that’s great too! then I got called an entrepreneur and all of a sudden I was told I had to find my niche and optimize and monetize my site. My list of ‘must read’ books got longer and longer, the ‘value’ I was supposed to give each week in my videos had to be bigger, better – more ‘value-able’. I completely went into a tailspin and woke up in a fog and unable to do a damn thing. That was two weeks ago. This post continues to clarify what I know ~ speak with your heart, play big not small, share your truths, value all that you have.
That is where the answers to what ‘success’ means lay.

love your heart, brain and soul

I know, I know…
I’m still trying to figure all this out. How to draw and sell. How to not get hooked on another thing. How to stay in and out at the same time.
It;s so good you’re here and I can get this reminder.
Alex, thanks.
:: Marta

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