Red pills, blue pills & nipple tassels — a tale of fear, alter-egos & cashflow.


By day, she’s a budding copywriter. By noon, she’s a princess at Medieval Times. And by night, she’s a go-go-dancer.

She’s Eveleena Fults. She’s building a brand identity & website to anchor her freelance writing services. And a few days ago, she wrote to me with a question — furrowed in a fear.

“I don’t know if I need to separate my ‘professional’ writing from all the fun writing peppered with boobies & tassels & unicorns & princess duties. If I post things related to my alter-egos, I might lose out on gigs from conservative clients & agencies. EEP! What’s a girl to do?”

On the surface, Eveleena’s question is very simple: Should I reveal my true identity — tassels & all — or a buttoned-up simulacrum?

But dip just a bit deeper, and we find a quiet call of distress: If I show the world who I really am, will I be rejected?

Her fear is entirely reasonable — it’s a matter of vocational survival. In entrepreneurial terms, rejection means more than a bruised ego — it’s a bone-dry bank account, destitution & failure. Your worst-case scenario, in full effect. Major euphoria killer.

But heeeeere’s the piece that hiked up my eyebrows: Eveleena is worried about being rejected by “conservative clients & agencies.”

And so, I posed a question of my own:

Eveleena — Mistress of the Night, Lord of the Tassels, Pro-Princess Extraordinaire & Glitter Fiend Without Parallel — are you SURE you want to work with ‘conservative’ clients, in the first place?

Take the blue pill (and ditch the tassels) . . . and spend your days in a carbon-copy corporate vortex, on conference calls with marketing reps & banking companies, dissecting & rewording the fine print on the latest Visa super-platinum-ultra-deluxe credit card offer.

Or, take the red pill (and keep the tassels) . . . and spend your days jamming with creative entrepreneurs & quirky start-ups, weaving stories & ethical-powerhouse sales language & brilliant social media blurbs that make your toes wriggle with glee.

And the red pill has some delicious side effects, to boot. Namely: a richer, more rewarding life. RABID fans who adore your vulnerability, lack of pretense & true-grit hilarity. A torrent of genuine, whole-hearted testimonials. And stronger, more durable revenue streams — because you won’t burn out in a pile of hot rubber & tears, six weeks into the game. Because you’ll be actively in LOVE with your work.

The moral of the story:

When faced with the choice to show the world your full, complicated, triple-talented, unmistakable self — or a hollow, sanitized, white-washed echo of yourself — the answer should spring forth, fast & furious.

Tell the truth. Tell the truth. Tell the truth.

And the people who salivate over your flavor of the truth will meet you right where you are . . . just as you are.

Oh, and lest we fucking forget:

Freaks have more FUN.


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ha, i so agree. i have so many alter egos, and muses, sometimes i confuse myself! lol but if i had to some them all up in two words i would say crazy girl.

~crazy girls have more fun too!

shelley, gypsy, country girl, vintage, artist, professional, garden lover of all that is creative.

I need this post like I need air. I am taking it to heart and planning accordingly.

Brilliant post! True and empowering. Be real! Thank you!

Love! (And searching for ways to use simulacrum in conversation and writing.)

I’ve been a master at truth and authenticity while masking my deepest, truest self. New swichwords for self: Tassels and all.

SHELLEY :: “Crazy girl” works. For most of us, really.

RACHAEL :: Glad I could provide some fresh air.

NATALIE :: REALness for the win!

NATALIA :: Seriously. “Simulacrum” is the most shamefully underused word.

Alexandra Franzen on Mar 5, 2012 Reply

Oh, Alexandra, I’m so glad I found you! (via Danielle & Linda)

I’m so sick of stripped-down, lowest-common-denominator, sharp corner, black and white, cookie-cutter, corporate-style websites and email newsletter interactions.

I, too, have been trying to figure out my own online voice and the sad thing is I thought I was going to have to be like the ‘suits’ to be successful. All the while secretly longing to break out and be my big, bad, beautiful colorful self ; but I’ve been so afraid to fail at it.

I SOOOOOO appreciate your cutting to the chase and putting it all in focus for me. Very helpful post!

…now where’s my tassels??!! I’m pretty sure they’re purple… :)

I LOVE this post and I fully intend to read it to my hubby as we’ve been having this conversation A LOT in relation to his biz. Natalia sent me this link (thank you, Sister) and I’m so glad she did. I can fully attest that freaks, in fact, ABSOLUTELY have more fun! ;)

Love and Sparkles,

Ha ha, this post made me smile. You’re so quirky! :D It can be really tricky to stay true to ourselves in a world that emphasises being the same as everyone else, but how else can we experience the wonder of our authenticity if we’re too afraid to embrace it? Thanks for this glittery reminder that we CAN be ourselves in all our oddball glory AND be sure of acceptance from our tribe. :)

Cool post…this really a political socialist/communist website??

U Mad Bro? on Jun 7, 2012 Reply

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