4 Mighty Cures for the ol’ Muse Blues.


I’m a dead firecracker / I ain’t got any fuse
I ain’t got no inspiration since I lost my Muse
I’m a table with two legs / I’m a spider with five
I’m goin’ down slow / Muse, when will you arrive?

Oh Muse, where are you?
Oh Muse, where are you?

You know I eat, drink and I smoke stuff–
I don’t what to do!
Loudon Wainwright III, “Muse Blues”

When you’ve crossed a High Holy finish line, there’s an adrenaline crash that accompanies the big finale. Actors and musicians experience it as the “curtain call blues.” Writers moan that they’ve “lost their muse.” Most creative folks I know “rebound” into bigger, meatier, more challenging projects before the old one has sighed into silence.

Completion carries with it a sense of death — death, and deep questions: “Who am I, now?” “What’s next, for me?” and most importantly, “How can I get inspired, again?”

Today, I’m offering a quartet of Mighty Cures for the ol’ Muse Blues — 4 remedies to refuel your mind, reboot your heart, and ricochet you into the next grand adventure.


Muse Blues :: You’ve hit your peak capacity. There’s nothing left to create.
Mighty Cure :: Make an Extreme Commitment.

When I was 19, I had my first (and most fearsome) existential crisis. So I dropped out of collegeand got my helicopter pilot’s license. It was the first endeavor I’d ever undertaken where “success” meant the difference between a stamped aviation certificate and a flaming pyre of rotorcraft rubble. I was pretty fucking committed to succeed.

Cultivating “extreme commitment” is like learning to walk, riding a bicycle, or shooting a bow & arrow. Once the capacity is there, it’s encoded for life. And while flying choppers wasn’t destined to be my life’s calling, passing my checkride gave me the confidence to tackle absolutely anything. “Oh that? Whatever. I just flew 796 pounds of whirring metal to Oxnard & back. No sweat.”

Muse Blues :: You’re burnt out. Bored. Just plain…numb. What’s the point of it all?
Mighty Cure :: Take a radical detour.

Earlier this year, I fought a severe bout of the Muse Blues with a series of Irish Gaelic language lessons. Relevant to my career? Not so much. Useful, helpful, productive? Maybe if I was a scholar of Celtic mythology — or an elderly leprechaun. Fascinating, wicked-hard, and a welcome reprieve from ‘puter screen burnout? You betcha.

Spontaneous non sequiturs fill our creative wells like nothing else. If you’re burnt out, GET OUT of your industry for a spell. To quote my wise mama, “be surprised or be surprising — or both!”

Muse Blues :: You haven’t experienced the ecstasy of a genuinely original idea in…eons.
Mighty Cure :: Travel. Even just one zipcode away.

Ever notice that the moment you plant yourself Elsewhere — be it on a train, plane, road trip to nowhere, or even a coffee shop you’d never noticed before — the zing-pow ideas come flooding in?

FACT :: people who travel (especially to countries with foreign languages) become — and remain — more creative than their home-dwelling comrades. As if you needed another reason to celebrate next New Years Eve in gay Paris!

My best ideas have arrived on lengthy, aimless car trips (always bring a recording device, like Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks), on flights to Los Angeles, in NYC cabs, and on sultry, summertime bicycle rides. Put your wheels in motion, and fresh ambition will follow.

Muse Blues :: You’ve got plenty of decent ideas, sure — but all of ‘em feel tedious & dreary.
Mighty Cure :: Do that One Big Thing.

Often, when we’re wallowing in the Muse Blues, what we’re really asking ourselves isn’t “What now?” but rather “What can I do now that’ll continue to divert & protect me from that One Big Thing I actually want to do?”

Your One Big Thing might be…starting a business. Or teaching a class. Or writing a memoir. Or spending a year in the south of France, studying the intricate art of cheesemongering. It might be having a child. Or ending a love affair. It might be an act of extreme philanthropy — raising the funds to build a whole damn school in Cambodia. Or burning your résumé & re-entering academia — but this time, as a Botany major, with dual minor in Sustainable Farming & Anthropology!

You already know the cure for what ails ya. Really, you do.

“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea,
never regains its original dimensions.”
–Oliver Wendell Holmes



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Great post again!

I always get my best ideas when I’m travelling, and as a bonus – I’m almost always free to jump on it and start right away with lots of momentum.

My problem is that now the only thing I want to do is travel! Kinda hard to combine that with finishing a law degree and intensive therapy (oh yes, I’m there.) Think I need your career coach. All I want to do is travel and be location-independent. How do you combine that with a very country-specific law degree? Oh well, I’m ranting haha!

Love your posts as always, Alexandra!

Oh, thank you! Ever since the end of NaNo I’ve been stuck…sad…bummed out. No muse. You’ve reminded me how to gently get her attention back. AND–wow!! Did not know of Jill Rowe and thus I would have missed her apparently freakin-ohmymadcrazymultiverseco-creator-exactly what I need coaching program. A two-fer—wooo!

KNevaM on Jan 8, 2012 Reply

I’m always bombarded with new ideas during road trips. At about thirty-minutes into the drive when I’ve settled in, ideas & posts start to write themselves. Luckily, I’m rarely driving so as long as I have a notebook or laptop with me, then I’m able to capture it all.

As someone who lives and works in Cambodia, might I suggest investing in the educational staff here versus building a new school? Schools are aplenty. Trained educators who are able to support themselves are desperately lacking. Less glamorous then having a building to show for your work, but supporting educator training (& contributing to teachers livelihoods) will have a far bigger impact. I’ll step of my soapbox now. ;)

MARTHE :: Michelle Ward would be a stellar coach for you, if you’re game for the ride. Two thumbs up. And if I had more thumbs…more thumbs up. http://whenigrowupcoach.com

KnevaM :: Two-fers are oh-so sweet. Glad I could help rev your engine!

LEIGH :: I love your soapbox. Never get off. ;) And thanks for the insider knowledge!

Alexandra Franzen on Jan 8, 2012 Reply

i always wondered why i have all these brilliant ideas (some could be, definitely, world-changing :) )… and then wondered some more: why can’t i seem to do nothing about them?

‘the one big thing’ could be the thing…

now… what is it that i am afraid to look in the heart?

thank you, AF (alternate frequency aka alex… )

biren on Jan 8, 2012 Reply

Really love getting your posts in my inbox, your new format is Gorgeous, it is so very pretty with your smiling face in my email. (yes, your face IS pretty but I was kind of talking about the pretty format. Not that the pretty face hurts) Did you design it?
Anyway, anyway….fabulousness, and brighten-my-day-ess!!

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