$1000 a day? How DARE you!


I remember how THRILLED I was when my 9-to-5 boss offered me a 5% raise, after my first year in his department.

I’d created a new system to write & record on-air promotional messages, drafted technical manuals that actually made sense, launched a workshop to get teenage girls excited about broadcasting technology — and I’d done it all in mustard-yellow tights and faux-cowskin pumps. That brought my hourly rate to… just a hair over 17 bucks.

Oh, I was KILLING it. Winning at life! An extra shot of English toffee in my soy latte, if you please. Make that a double.

The day I quit my j-o-b, I decided my freelance writing rate would be somewhere in the realm of $25 bucks an hour. That quickly jumped to $35. Then $40. Then $45. Then a beloved client informed me that she was boosting my hourly to $55, just ’cause. Well, if you insist…

125+ clients — and hundreds upon hundreds of bios, manifestos, taglines, vision statements, sales pages, homepages, splash pages, upsells, cross-sells, pitch letters and promotional pow-wows later — I was playing in a different power-league. But my rates hadn’t quite caught up.

The day I set my day-rate at $1000, I cried. With relief. With gratitude. And, uh, with terror.

I heard RuPaul’s voice echoing in my head,

“Oh girl, how DARE she!”

How DARE I, indeed.

Because…I’m worth it? Meh. Sure. So are other (cheaper) folks.
Because…I’m booked 3 months in advance? Maybe. Getting closer.
Because…I’m offering a ferociously swift wordsmithing service that no one else in the world can provide, in precisely the way that I swing it? Possibly. Better.
Because…having persuasive, memorable & inspiring language to describe your life’s work is worth thousands upon thousands of dollars, in business acceleration & personal clarity? Uh-huh. Sooo close.
Because…when my clients invest $1000 to spend a day with me, we both show up FULLY — and the result is a creative glitterbomb that’s bigger & more meaningful that either one of us could imagine? BINGO.

Now, I’m not suggesting that people inherently have to pay major bucks to revel in the positive side-effects of deep commitment.

But something fascinating happens when you charge “how DARE you!” rates for your time…

You raise the brilliance barometer — for yourself.
You RISE to your own self-declared pricetag.
You make DAMN sure that you’re worth it — that you’re giving everything you’ve got, every time.
And your clients LEVITATE to meet you, there.

To put it down sharply…

How DARE you command breathtaking rates for your time?

For your book learnin’, street learnin’ & synthesized wisdom? For your DNA-inscribed gifts? For the opportunity to experience the apex of your capacity to serve, to inspire, to create, to transform — lives, businesses, communities, societies, the planet? For the skills that people are literally falling in line to get a dose of? For your LIFE’s WORK?

How DARE you…not.



And now, a brief word from our sponSOAR . . .

Today’s post is generously sponSOARED by Erika Lyremark of The Daily Whip — a brrrazen life + business coach who convinced me to raise my rates multiple times (including, on one occasion, over the phone in a strip mall parking lot, as a bleary-eyed gentleman rapped on my car window & foisted a full pound of marijuana in my face. (I declined his generous offer.)

Erika’s next group-bonanza coaching program — The Morning Whip — kicks off bright & early on November 20th…and if you’re looking for hardcore confidence, clarity & commitment to your unfolding business, you should bare your bottom (metaphorically, of course) for Erika’s signature Whippings.

Feeling timid? You can get yourself a private 15-minute Whipping with Ms. Lyremark, as a free teaser to the Morning Whip program…right here. Take it like a lady, OK?

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I went through the same conversation with myself when I decided to price my 3 session 1 week turnaround product development service :)

I have been hustling and charging peanuts for so long and I WASN’T SHOWING UP. I felt taken advantage of, I couldn’t respect my clients as much as I should because I thought “why would they ask for so much of my time for so little money” but really I needed to say, “How could I give them so much of MY time for so little money?” AH.

My pricing is just right for me for right now and I WORK MY BUTT off because I know I gotta!

:) Thanks for shining!

Booyah!! So true!! Raising your prices also sets a standard for your colleagues to charge what they’re worth and/or what they’d like to make. It’s inspirationally good business!

First of all, congrats on charging what you’re worth, and thanks for a brilliant post sharing your gutsy journey with us!

Ohhhh, timely post as I am currently offering PWYC coaching until I set out some more concrete service packages. No worries though my dear, I plan to have a good chat with you about this during our sesh in December. Can’t wait!

So, so bang on, the gong is still resounding in my head! Especially love, “How dare you…not.”

As my girl Marianne Williamson says,
“We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. ”
The glory of God has to be worth AT LEAST 1000 buck a day, no?!
Thanks, Alex, for giving people the permission (or orders – but in such a nice way) to shine.

Alexandra, I LOVE this post. It was in my inbox today an it was exactly what I needed to read. I am re-vamping my rates, and this was a fantabulous reminder of “charge what you’re worth”. Gracias!

I know firsthand that you are (more than) worth it.. .But love the deconstruction of all of the reasoning and also know personally how much we have to believe it to get anyone to pay it. Anyone can slap a number on their services, but when it really means something so personal and so specific it all feels better. I also know that when I really really want something.. really really see and know the value it is going to provide, that I happily pull out my checkbook (debit card.. whatever).
So many beautiful beautiful reminders of what value and worth are about in your words Alex.. which of course is your incredible gift.
Laughing at the RuPaul part..

Love to you,
Lisa Claudia

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Thanks for sharing this, I am telling you the universe is practically yelling at me to up my game. I just saw this posted in a coach’s group I’m in and in fact I just signed up for Erika’s program THIS morning so I am taking your post as a big YES to me for taking the leap and doing this. It’s time!

Oh Alexandra. PREACH it!

I’m a budding copywriter, and I haven’t actually made much of anything yet. BUT. I know I will because I’m going to keep trucking until I do.

And that’s that.

Thank you for this. Thank you for reminding the new kid on the block that she’s worth it. And that the waters are sweet up ahead. I’m right behind you. And you’re such an inspiration to me.

As I said on the Twitter machine: Hooka, you killin’ it. This is fucking inspiring. As of this moment, I’m upping my game and charging what I’m worth. Upset clients be DAMNED.

Hi Alexandra,

I’m new ’round these parts, but I find myself devouring your posts like I do SoDelicious Mini Fudge Bars on a hot day. Oh, who am I kidding, on any day!!!

This one especially hit home for me because I have a seriously ingrained money story that my coach and I just blew wide open last week. The thought that I can let those issues go, focus on what’s in my soul and come to know abundance like I’ve never known makes me feel like I’m gonna burst. And I already know what’s going to come spilling out…

“If you are kind, money will stretch your compassion to the ends of the earth.”

Count on it!!!

Thank you!!!!

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