How to evolve psycho-fast – as a person, ‘preneur & lover.


Hey, people :: do you want to forgive everyone who’s wronged you, quit snarking + whinging like a boozy hipster, and literally exhale compassion with every breath?

FUCK yes.

Hey, ‘preneurs :: do you want to wake up to a Zen-like inbox, magnetize your magic-perfect clients, and awaken a genius-like inner business adviser, who never steers you astray?

UH, totally.

Hey, lovers :: do you want to cultivate the capacity to tell someone “I love you,” NOT hear it reciprocated, AND still feel gorgeous, worthy of devotion, and saturated with charisma?

That sounds horrendous, but SURE!

Enlightenment may be a just-for-Buddha-n-Jesus kinda thing (who can say?). But it IS possible to turbo-charge your growth, if you’re willing to devote yourself fully to the ecstatic lunacy of psycho-fast evolution.

You up for the challenge? You want some compass points?

Here are my personal lodestars, for your evolutionary odyssey.



People …

Remember Thumper, the adorable baby bunny from the movie Bambi? His infamous one-liner left an indelible impression on my 5-year old mind: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

As a grown-up with a slightly more wordly view on evil + corruption, I’ll amend Thumper’s axiom ever-so-slightly: “If you don’t have anything TRUE, USEFUL + COMPASSIONATE to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Raise your hand if you…

…fill empty spaces in conversations with minutia-babble, rather than sit in the silence.
…indulge in snarking + snipping with “cool” friends, because it makes you feel witty and superior.
…give a vapid “OK” or “fine” when asked “so, how are you doing?”
…flagrantly mock “those bean-counters” in Accounting, or “those idiots” who fill your inbox with genuine customer service needs.

What if, even for a single day, we collectively raised our sensitivity about falsity + cruelty,
and cultivated a heightened aura of awareness around how many times we fluff, fill, evade & sink into superciliousness?

We’d stop harshing our universal mellow, seriously fast.

My top training manual, for your quest towards truthful, useful, compassionate thought-flows & language?

Invest your time in :: Start Where You Are: A Guide to Compassionate Living by Pema Chödrön, Tonglen meditation master & nun-in-residence at Gampo Abbey, the first Tibetan monastery for Westerners. A 5-word summary of Start Where You Are? Breathe in suffering. Exhale compassion.


‘Preneurs …

If your inbox feels like a moshpit of demands…if every deadline feels like an albatross around your neck…if you’ve forgotten why you set sail on the S.S. Self-Employed in the first place (freedom, baby, freedom)…I’ve got one call-to-action for you:

Get exuberantly clear about BOUNDARIES. And I’m not (just) talking about “not answering client emails on Sundays” (though that’s a good start). I’m talking about energetic boundaries – the invisible forcefields around your physical body and inner kingdom that send subliminal signals into the ‘verse. Like: I’m available! Or: I’m on lock-down. Take advantage of me! Or: respect my creative sovereignty.

Equally important (especially for service-oriented ‘preneurs + professionals) is learning how to SHAKE OFF + CLEAR OUT other people’s energy, once you’re done working with ‘em. Create a closure ritual for the day. Don’t carry around other people’s karma.

Playing with energy is advanced-level alchemy, and often requires a skilled mentor to pull the woo-woo wildness down into the world of tangible, measurable results.

Invest your energy in :: Become Your Own Business Adviser, Hiro Boga’s signature 12-week program for evolutionary entrepreneurs, which reboots on September 26. I had the privilege of supporting Hiro during the spring cycle of her transformative program, and let’s just say…the final teleclass ended in an impromptu song (and grateful tears) that I won’t soon forget. Register by Sept 7th for an early-songbird pricetag…and give yourself (and your business) the supreme gift of this mentoring experience.


Lovers …

What percentage of your self-worth and joy is dependent upon whether or not your object of affection thinks you’re gorgeous, fascinating, irresistible & charming? 10%? 50%? 200%?

What if it could be…0%.

What if you could dip into a well of universal LOVE, and fill yourself up? So that you’re a love-flooded cupcake of confidence, and external romantic love is just icing?

I recently told someone I loved them, and they…didn’t reciprocate. The wounded animal agony & terror I felt was the forceful shove I needed to (finally) cement a self-love practice, and start filling my own cup. Now, I chant a specific mantra 10 – 20 times each morning (silently, in my head — working on gettin’ it out loud) before I crawl outta bed. And I made it into a desktop design for my laptop, to flicker the words in front of my eyes, all day long. (You can download it for yourself, right here.)

But I didn’t kick-start a mantra-marathon training regime on my own. I had two extraordinary coaches.

Invest your heart in :: a Pathfinder session with Pace Smith, and / or (recommend: “and”) a Soul Caller session with Amy Oscar. Pace is a masterful communicator, rich listener & fetal-position-breakthrough-inducer. Amy is straight-up clairvoyant, with a sacred crone energy that makes you feel at once very small, and very heroic. Limitless praise, for both ladies.


Here’s to off-the-charts evolution — the kind that’ll baffle genetic scientists, sociologists + theologians, one thousand years from today.



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Lovely Alexandra, thank you for your generous praise for Become Your Own Business Adviser, and for including me in your circle of allies! I’m grateful to know you, and to support your brilliant unfolding. Can’t wait to see what you create next!

Love, Hiro

Humbled beyond words. While reading this, I sat here thinking: This just proves what I said in the first place: You ARE love. Just look at you flow! xxoo and such gratitude.

You are beautiful! This post is Insightful + practical. Passing the goodness around! xxx

I like the cut of your jib. :)

This is the third time in two days that Pemo Chodron has shown up in my online circles. Okay, universe, I get it! Googling now.

Also, the advice about boundaries is important for ALL of those categories. If you can maintain your right level of energy and hold it in your personal life, your business life, and your romantic life, every one of those areas is going to skyrocket with awesomeness. Handy.

Alex – Along with the morning mantra (which is awesome thank you for sharing the download!) listening to this song every morning is sure to create up some compassion for the world! “Beautiful Day” by India.Arie:

Thank you Alex for this powerful inspiration!

Aw, Alex Unicorn,

This was such a beautiful, life-affirming read. Thank you so much for writing it! My mom was into the whole Louise Hay/affirmations/positive thinking/shortcuts to enlightenment deal way back when, wise woman that she is. Not-so-wise girl that I was, I immediately dismissed it as being ineffectual and “woo woo.” I mistook self-love for selfishness, confused it with self-confidence, and doubted it as some sort of willing delusion.

I worked hard to be gentle, joyful and kind to people, and certainly projected all of this outwards. However, it took several long years of me being this shining light to others but incredibly cruel, demanding and negative to myself until I finally realized the urgency of self-love. It’s hard work, but so marvelous to have this intense happiness and calm radiating all the time (or at least most of the time), rather than just on occasion.

Cheers to confusing genetic scientists, sociologists and theologians!

HIRO :: I’m grateful to know you, too! And BYOBA is the bomb-dot-com ;)

AMY :: Thanks for helping me flooooow with love. It’s a practice, to be sure.

SUSANA :: Thanks for passing the goodness! Like a tray of delicious mini quiches. Nom nom.

THERESA :: I like your nautical slang.

ELLIE DI :: Seriously, Pema is where it’s at. Roll around in the Tonglen.

NATANYA :: LOVE India.Arie. Thanks for sharing. xo.

JENNIFER :: Ka-pow! You’re so welcome.

KYLIE :: I, too, have come to embrace the woo-woo. For once I was Scully, and now I am Mulder. I want to believe.

Alexandra Franzen on Sep 1, 2011 Reply

Oh holy hell, did I ever need to read this today. I love you, and I *just* found you. (Via Ashley A. Whom I also love.) I will be back. (But not in an Ahnold or stalkery way. I’m just sayin’.)

How’d you get so wise, smart…and be able to convey all of it in a blog post I’m wondering? So beautiful… so true…so essentially right on the mark… and how could somebody NOT have said they loved you back.. And yes, knowing how to clear out everyone else’s energies while staying grounded and anchored through as much loving care for ourselves and others is worth doing and finding Daily Essentials/rituals for. None of this is easy, none of it really happens super fast….love your open heart Alex.

love and blessings,

I just love this post Alexandra – thank you for sharing it with us. I have been thinking so deeply of late about the role of self love in biz and how absolutely vital it is. And I’m still thinking. It’s likely to be a well that runs deeper and deeper with no end I think – which sounds good to me.

ANNIE SISK :: Glad you’ll be back. Terminatorishly, or otherwise.

LISA CLAUDIA BRIGGS :: I’m so glad you’ve devoted your life to helping people find their Daily Essentials. Rituals for the WIN!

JULIE PARKER :: A bottomless well of self-love sounds peachy-keen to me, too.

Alexandra Franzen on Sep 5, 2011 Reply

Hmm.. I ordered that book by Pemo Chodron a couple of weeks ago and it’s kind of sitting by my bed unopened >_> I guess i’ll begin it today =) Love you mantra; I have a similar one I wrote out big and coloured in to sit above my chest of drawers – so when i get my clothes out in the morning, I see it and remember i’m defined by which colour I wear and so on.

Definitely recommend the practise!

You are my lunch companion today! Sat down for a burrito and thought of you. ;) Catching up on all of your loveliness including this post! So glad to hear you talk about *evolution* from your perspective. What is it about the collective consciousness of the world that brings all of our thoughts to similar places at similar times?

Okay, that’s too much introspection for lunch. I’m going back to your navel gazing post.

Xo to you.


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