Ogling, Orbiting & Owning the Shadows


I’ve been gone for so long…

This morning, it occurred to me that I’ve just wrapped up a quarter-year of unbroken travel. It felt so…non-linear? Timeless? Speedless? Wherever I was, there I was.

Chicago > Brooklyn > Las Vegas > San Francisco > Los Angeles > Brooklyn (part two) > Homebase.

Travel cracks me open. (When I let it. Which I try to.)

I got INSPIRED on this trip…to be a better listener / do-er / creator / Artist / human. Mostly Artist.

Here’s what I’ve been ogling (lately)…where I’ll be orbiting (next)…and some shadowy future-tense forecasts. Enjoy.

I’ve been OGLING…

John Leguizamo. Saw Johnny Legz with D, live on Broadway. His latest one-man show, Ghetto Klown, is one of those tour-de-force extravaganzas that makes you want to do fifty sit-ups, throw out all your clothes, burn everything you’ve ever written, and start again, from the top. And this time, with feeling.

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty. Went with Gala to see McQueen at The Met. Which was pretty much perfect. I cried. For days, actually. In spurts. And promptly got blue + gold tinsel strands installed in my hair. We all react in our own ways…

Usher. Caught his OMG Tour in Minneapolis. The smoke! The lasers! Such showmanship. Also: I climbed over a barricade into a VIP Booth, and partied with 20 lab technicians from the University of Minnesota. There’s a method to my madness.

Clint Mansell. I became enthralled with Clint’s film scores & compositions after watching MOON (my favorite movie of the year, bar none.) His website is eerie & elegant. And while it goes against all conventional ‘marketing’ wisdom, I LOVE the fact that there’s no clear way to approach or hire him. It’s like, “I’m Clint Mansell. Listen to my music. And go away now.” It only amplifies my curiosity…

“Let today be your never.”
Rachel Bagby

This 5-word invitation, which Ms. Bagby invoked at Selling Your Soul a few weeks back, is rattling in my mind, like a loose chip of metal. Clink, clink. Hard to ignore. Nor do I want to.



I get around.

I was recently featured on Life By Me — the day after Richard Simmons. This pleased me greatly.

Sandi Amorim of Deva Coaching ran a groovy interview with me, a lil’ while back. I adored her questions.

Classes for the Post College Survival Kit, led by the one & only Sarah Von Bargen of Yes & Yes, have officially begun. And my Vokle presentation is this Sunday, May 29th @ 6pm CST. Don’t be tardy, kids.

Live Lane of Choosing Beauty is curating a series of interviews for her online course, How To Build A Blog You Truly Love. I’ll be a contributor, waxing poetic on the subject of “crafting authentic content.” Who else is involved? Amanda Oaks of Kind Over Matter & pattern designer Jessica Swift, for starters. The love parade embarks on June 5th. Scope it out.

And everyone’s favorite Sacred Sound Practitioner, Fabeku Fatunmise, will be MC-ing a 75-minute teleparty on June 6th @ 1pm CST.  It’s called Transcendent Sales: De-sleazify your pitch, attract your perfect people, and spark positive action — not widespread panic. Some really smart cookies are involved (like Chris Zydel, Susannah ConwayLisa Baldwin. Oh, and me.) It’s free. And you can register here.


Owning the Shadows

I want a great deal from this life. Sometimes, the immensity of my own ambition scares me. Do you feel that way, too?

I want to be the most sought-after copywriter in the world.

I want modern-day philosophers, world-rockers and game-changers to summon me to their aide.

I want an audience of highly-influential supernovas.

I want to be so gorgeous, it’s almost offensive.

I want to give generously, lavishly and without hesitation to organizations that tug at my heart.

I want my days to be spacious, mystical and a little bit mischevious.

I want to retain fascination, turn heads, and evoke audible gasps.

All of these spiraling wants are prickling me into making a few aesthetic & structural changes, in my work, and in my life. Going for levitation. Going for Legacy Potential. Eradicating the word “blog” from my lexicon, for starters.

And that…is that.



“Sometimes, the immensity of my own ambition scares me. Do you feel that way, too?” Only since birth, Ms. Franzen! The first thing I bought with my first ever paycheque was a book called “How To Lead A Positive Revolution” that’s no longer in print and had to be shipped from a second hand bookstore in Spain. Fear in the face of action is the best kind because you just move through it and then there’s nothing left except a better, truer version of You.

I’m honored to be the picture for the words. Adoring the stream you create. Always. Suck luck to be around. Thx;)

Sometimes I feel exhausted thinking about all the things I want to do! How on earth am I going to accomplish being a features writer/magazine editor/photographer/gay right advocate/world-class knitter/worthwhile human being?
Just out of curiosity, who would you say is a modern day philosopher?
Neonx10.com sounds super dooper!

I love the mosaic of interests and experiences you’ve been collecting and laying down in elegant mosaic here–l’femme engage from crown to toe.

…and I support unicorns for socialism 101% Qualifier: I support all unicorn projects and aesthetics


Funny. I was just thinking about the word “ambition” this morning and how my definition for it has changed. There are so many things I want to do in this life. I think when used right, ambition does let you live the life you dream of without becoming overwhelmed or exhausted. So go for it. I look forward to watching you expand :)

A.Y. :: That book sounds grand. Want.

MARTA :: Your work is stupendous. Honored to showcase it!

CAMILLA :: I think Bjork is a modern-day philosopher. Don’t know why she sprang to mind. But, her.

MARK :: I don’t know what l’femme engage means, but I can speculate. And I like it.

ALISHIA :: Expansion is sweet. Same to you, m’dear.

Alexandra Franzen on May 27, 2011 Reply

Ooooh girl – immensity. ambition. It’s often like I’m on overload. I feel you!
And mkay, I’m jealous you gotsta see Usher…just saw he’s coming to a superstar stadium near me this weekend…time to scheme for some tickets!

SO happy I stumbled upon your blog. First – the title!! OMG possibly the best title on the Internet. Hands.Down.

Also – I just like you. ;)

“I want a great deal from this life. Sometimes, the immensity of my own ambition scares me. Do you feel that way, too?”

Yes I do you clever little mind reader you!

I just could have never said it so beautifully.

Post it-ing it! As in the verb to post it. Yes.

I’ve been having a shitty week. I’m not quite sure why. Anyway, as much as the layout of your homepage annyoys me (I just realised I do this on my own blog when I bother updating. I don’t want to click to read more I want to read more now!) your words are very inspiring to me right now while I’m wallowing. In these bouts of depression when the little black dog just keeps pushing you futher into the hole it’s good to remember that hey! yes! I have goals and I want to achieve a lot which wont be done if I’m c. Love your words, lady. Much love!

I absolutely love this post. I’m seeing the McQueen exhibit in June – I’ve heard so many great things about it, so I’m getting really excited! I’ve also been reading and re-reading some of my favorite philosophers and wordsmiths (Angelou, Morrison, Rupaul) and I am feeling the tides of Writer’s Block finally recede.

I am bookmarking this post for later. And I look forward to seeing where your ambition takes you.

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