Balance is a Buzzkill


Everyone is always talking about BALANCE like it’s the Holy Grail of Awesome.

“Oh, I just wanna strike a work-life BALANCE.”

“I’m really striving for BALANCE in my life.”

“Above all, I want BALANCED relationships.”

I say balance is bootleg. Burdensome. Booooring. Balance is a buzzkill. Balance is for breakfast. Not for work, play + love.

If we replace the word BALANCE with something ferocious and neon and sexy — like PASSION, or ECSTASY, or AUTHENTICITY — then we’re gettin’ somewhere.

Go be imbalanced. And get some shit done.



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Augh! You found my soapbox! Balance is bull-shit. It’s not possible, nor is it desirable, especially when it comes to pursuing what you want.

Hmm. Disagree. Sure, balance is bunk if you’re taking it to literally mean that equal hours of the day go into different activities, etc. But what it really means is that no one thing feels like a time-suck or is going neglected. Balance is a feeling; ‘balanced’ is how you’d describe your life if you felt like most/all of your needs were being met. Maybe balance for one person means spending 80% of the time on career pursuits and 20% on personal life (or vice versa), but if it’s meeting the needs of the individual, it’s balance nonetheless.

“replace the word BALANCE with something ferocious and neon and sexy”
ahh. can you say that little box on facebook where people put inspirational quotes?

Rachel on Apr 24, 2010 Reply

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