It Can Wait Till Tomorrow


As the newbie homeowner of a 61-year old house, I’m learning a thing or two about priorities & patience. In many ways, owning a home is (unfounded speculation alert!) a lot like having a kid. Granted, my house is far from a colicky infant wailing at 4 am … it’s more of a sullen teenager that gets good grades but occasionally goes all emo and screams “I hate you!” before slamming the door in my face.

When I lived in a studio apartment, it was easy to keep everything in a perpetual state of gleaming perfection. If something was dirty, I cleaned it. If something broke, my landlord fixed it. End of story.

Since moving into my new house 6 weeks ago, I’ve had to install a new air conditioner & thermostat, replace a burned-out furnace fuse, reset the electrical connection to the oven, spackle & repaint the walls, spread new contact paper inside the kitchen drawers, shift the gas meter to a different location, wire the den for cable, clean the toilet and shower with abrasive scrubs and bleach … and yet, the “to do” list continues to grow — indefinitely.

If there’s one sentiment that my fellow homeowners all seem to share, it’s “the work is never done.”

To balance the scales of sanity, I’ve adopted the following mantra: “it can wait till tomorrow.”

… unless it’s a fire, gas leak, or flood. Or a velociraptor attack. In which case, freeze! They can sense motion. And smell fear. Allegedly. According to movies.



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you probably still have the massive amounts of toilet paper I gave you like 2 months ago. check.

Annika on Oct 9, 2009 Reply

Did you know,
Velociraptors (if thats how you spell it) actually dont sense motion, they are just like us, they can tell the difference between something living and something not.
They were cunning creatures who deserved a chapter in history.
According to movies The tyranasourus rex (if thats how you spell it) is the one who is sensitive to motion.

I mean no malice in what I’m saying, just a little ‘did you know’ thing.
buh bye :P

Sam I am on May 1, 2011 Reply

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